Volvo Offers A Convenient Vehicle Subscription Service: Care By Volvo

How would you feel about pulling up in a new car every year?

A lot of people like the idea of having a car but worry about the maintenance, the extra costs if you blow a tire, etc.. They just want to conveniently get into a car and start driving without thinking about the nuances of wear and tear.

It’s like comparing to living in a condo versus living in a house. The convenience of living in a condo, not worrying about the maintenance and solely enjoying the amenities. Keeping everything very lifestyle-focused.

Care By Volvo is the new vehicle subscription service launching in Canada, is looking to bring that style of convenient living to their vehicles.

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Starting with the new S60 and V60 models, Volvo is testing the market with these two models before it probably (our guess) expands the lines to the SUVs, performance and maybe even electric vehicles down the road.

Everything from general maintenance, winter and summer tire storage and swapping, includes wear and tear protection, appearance protection, concierge services, roadside assistance and is covered by Care By Volvo all over Canada.

They have also made it important to have everything under a flat monthly fee. There are two particular prices, but that depends, on what performance you want for your car.

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You have two package options!

One is the Momentum package and the other is the R Design package.

Just because we have mentioned it second in the sentence, it means the R Design package is a more premium package than Momentum, more sporty. The R Design has a more sporty trim package, more hugging seats, better performance, just to name a few.

Let’s talk about that flat monthly fee. The Momentum package starts at $949/month for either the S60 and V60, while the R Design package is priced a bit higher at $1,049/month.

So, how does it work?

You head to Volvo’s website, pick a model, S60 or V60, pick your favourite colour, and then the delivery date will appear, you put up a $500 deposit fee and you are all set! You pick up the keys and car from the dealership and you go from there.

Here is the kicker, much like a phone plan, after a 12-or 24-month period you can trade that car that you have for a newer model! So, every year or two years, you get a new car over and over again!

Do you want to have that feeling that you are constantly on the cutting edge of vehicles?

Pulling up in a new car every year?

Then this car subscription service might be for you.

We have a long history with Volvo S60s, so that would be our choice for the service. We had a chance to take it out and from our experience from driving them for over 18 years, it’s a great car for families, solos, couples, or young professionals.

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The Bottom Line

Car companies are doing some very interesting things to entice new audiences. After learning from and listening to customers, and especially adapting to new waves of customer behaviours, wants, demands and technologies. I like Volvo’s take on it with their Care By Volvo service. It’s a refreshing, new subscription mindset that takes the labour out of having a car. Where we think this program will really have legs to it if they add electric vehicles in the future. If you were going to replace your car with a new electric car, new battery, better features, and better range, then that’s I think this service will really shine. Until then, the program is a very convenient and ‘valet’ style way of owning a vehicle and we look forward to seeing how this program grows over time.

To sign up or learn more about Care By Volvo, visit their website here.

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