The 2019 Mercedes G-Class SUV Looks As Good As It Sounds

Mercedes has decided to do something interesting for it’s latest in luxury SUVs, the 2019 Mercedes G-Class, and it is making a lot of noise in one of the most creative ways we have seen.

Mercedes wanted to change things up and work with a Toronto not-for-profit organization, The Remix Project, to create a Spotify playlist of songs using the sounds from the car itself. Something creative and out-of-the-box ideas and collaborating with local talent sounds like music to my ears!

We attended the exclusive listening party at the Only One Gallery, which is a great space. Last time we were there, we saw local Toronto artist, Briony, showcase her work, so it was good to be back in the space. Guests of the event had the opportunity to even create beats of their own!

The capable and comfortable off-roader can definitely generate an interesting soundscape. This beats and music made with this vehicle coincide with the release of the new 2019 Mercedes G-Class!

Enter The 2019 Mercedes G-Class

Whether it’s slamming doors, pushing buttons or tapping away on the interior and exterior, music can be made.

They even have a G-Class x The Remix Project Spotify playlist to bring that creativity to your ears through specially mixed songs.

The Bottom Line

We love this idea because of a few things. Gives a nod to something different, people doing interesting things with sounds from everyday artists, the connection to Toronto-based artist groups, the appreciation of a car, and showcasing the sum of its parts in an engaging way. This is a cool project that also brings creativity to the forefront and makes you see a car different, especially in this case with the Mercedes G-Class Wagon. Thank you for having us, Mercedes, it’s nice to see creativity in action.

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