The Globe Trotter Collection Brings A Worldly Feel To Roche Bobois

Are you looking for some furniture to really bring your travel stories to life?

Traveling all over the world can be many people’s favourite memories of their lives. The colours, the crafts, new-found qualities, and the designs can be like nothing you have seen before from your home state or province. That’s why when Roche Bobois asked us to stop by their store in Toronto to learn more about their partnership with Marcel Wanders for The Globe Trotter Collection, we had to make the trip over.

The Globe Trotter Collection seems to be attracting those who are daring, well-traveled and are looking for something that brings beautiful reminders of worldly times in their life.

Think of The Globe Trotter Collection as beautiful souvenirs of furniture that can live with instead of something last minute you get at the airport.

These beautiful pieces are well-constructed with textured materials, that really bring out the comfort of the pieces. Sometimes when you purchase and invest in furniture designed by worldly designers, it’s not the most comfortable furniture to sit on, however, this is a great exception to that and is something you can blend into for a few hours relaxing at home.

The multi-colour furniture is tastefully done and brings a subtle touch of design to an otherwise standard set piece. Whether it’s the colours, the patterns around the legs of the chairs or table or patterned interior of the dresser, it’s a wonderful design surprise that surely gets compliments from those who connect with the furniture.

There are a lot of interesting design inspirations coming from the line up of furniture pieces. The Globe Trotter Collection is comprised of designs from Paris, Japan, London, and Istanbul. Each area is represented and blended nicely together. Some furniture has more hints towards a region than others, but nothing overly dominant.

They being said, if you absolutely love the collection, feel free to purchase all the pieces! They all play very nice together as a full set. However, the pieces do look fantastic on their own or added to liven up an existing room.

One good example of this is the black chairs and table with the wrapped, patterned legs. They are a great way to liven up a standard dining room setting and add a subtle hint of design that your guests will love.

The Bottom Line

The Globe Trotter Collection By Marcel Wanders for Roche Bobois brings forth a lot of different inspirations that do not seem to overlap each other, especially because they are based off radically different places in the world. Their design is woven in beautifully together and provides a busy harmony that looks wonderful. It will remind you both of good travel and a great reminder to explore new places if you haven’t to create some new memories and stories.

The Globe Trotter Collection by Marcel Wanders is available at Roche Bobois and for more information on the set pieces, be sure to visit their website.

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