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Louis XIII Works With Pharrell On A Project That’s 100 Years In The Making

What if you made something today that could be enjoyed 100 years from now?

Louis XIII Cognac has posed that particular question. But, when you think that far ahead, a century ahead, you have to consider all possibilities.

One of the considerations would be to think about how the climate would change over the next 100 years. Perhaps with global warming, we might see a completely different climate over the next century. Maybe it will change so drastically that it could affect people, environments, how things are made and so on.

If the climate changes drastically, it could affect even the lengthy process of making great tasting, aged cognac.

So, how do you prevent climate change affecting the aging process of such a beloved spirit?

You incentivize the future.

By making people aware of what’s happening in the future, it means we can make changes now.

To bring awareness to that statement, Louis XIII Cognac has teamed up with Pharrell Williams, a forward thinking artist in many facets, to create a song, record it, put it on a disk made of clay, and then release this track 100 years from now.

If sustainability is preserved and climate change is more controlled, then the record will stand the test of time from now on and be able to be played in the future, when it drops in the year 2117.

If it doesn’t, then the track will be lost forever.

It’s a campaign that I really enjoy the concept of because it has an aspect of a time capsule, a reward and forward thinking brands and partnerships with creatives.

To announce this particular 100 year project, Louis XIII was nice enough to treat me to a multiple course dinner at the Design Exchange in Toronto.

With a banquet table filling a majority of the room, Toronto notables sat down side-by-side to chat over a spirited dinner. The food was delicious and it was paired well with a tall, stately glass of Louis XIII cognac, which went down smooth. I ran out of mine very quickly.

Toronto’s own Tyrone ‘T-rex’ Edwards was there to lead us into the meaning of the dinner and kicked off the toast that would start the consumption of delicious food.

The dinner went on and during this time, I sat next to the brand ambassador for Louis XIII, Chen Wei. Not only did we talk shop on watches and other Canadian luxuries, but I learned about his his extensive background in restaurant business. It was interesting to get his take on coming from a very dynamic industry, to becoming the brand ambassador. He was telling me that because of the heritage, complexities and overall well-being and drinkability of the classic Louis XIII, it was an easy career change to make.

Here are some of the images to document the meal. Because, of course, you can’t start eating before you take pictures.

The dinner came to terrific end with cheers of Louis XII echoing the tall ceilings of the Design Exchange and the glassware sounding like orchestral chimes. A happy sound for a terrific occasion.

The Bottom Line

When it comes Louis XIII’s initiative to start thinking ahead 100 years, we couldn’t be more for it. It’s an awareness that’s not talked about enough and a time period that’s very rarely attempted. I hope this track reaches the ears of my children to bring together the two generations with a positive outcome bridging the two. Thank you for having me Louis XIII and if you haven’t had this cognac before, we suggest you try it. You can learn more about Louis XIII and the  #IFWECARE 100 year project through their website.