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Black Cow: A Uniquely Made Premium Vodka

When it comes to vodka, there are a lot of brands trying different things to set themselves apart, but almost all of the vodkas on the shelves are made in the same thing. Very rarely do you come across a vodka that aims to do things differently, breaking away from traditional vodkas.

I was introduced to Black Cow vodka this past month that is a unique, premium spirit, with an interest background. I will tell you why.

What makes Black Cow vodka different than standard vodkas? 

The fact that it’s actually made from milk product.

Yes, milk.

Here is the thing, it’s a vodka that isn’t a cream-style liquor either. It’s as clear as water.

So, how is something like this made?

When it comes to the dairy industry, while creating products, whey is produced, and there is a lot of excess. Black Cow takes the whey and uses it to create premium vodka with it. They find because of the whey in this process, it creates a smooth, soft vodka that holds flavour very well.

This past month, I was invited to the popular Ossington and Bloor bar, Civil Liberties in Toronto, to see Black Cow in action. But, not only in action, but in competition. This was the Toronto leg of the race to win Black Cow’s Gold Top Cup. Each summer Black Cow holds a competition in West Dorset, UK, to see which cocktails outdo the rest.

Bartenders from all over Toronto and just a bit further competed, flexed their spirited chops, and were in competition to see who could win and head to UK, the origins of where Black Cow is from.

One of the most interesting aspects about the vodka, is that there is a delicious white cheddar cheese made with the same milk. It’s a unique feature, but also adds an extra layer of food pairing to the spirit that increases the ambience for a night of entertaining. Makes a great conversation starter too.

Whether it’s a competition, experimentation at home or while entertaining, or a quick pour that you want to enjoy at home to celebrate or relax, Black Cow vodka has an interesting background. However, it doesn’t get in the way of being able to have a vodka that plays nice in almost any glass.

The Bottom Line

This Black Cow vodka plays well with others, but is nice on its own. I find it smoother than most vodkas and quite easy drinking. The unique milk and cheese aspect to Black Cow is something I’m curious to see be experimented with as food and drink pairing are becoming more important for meals. Looking forward to more cocktails and beverage science surrounding the young spirit as it gets more exposure amongst creative bartenders.

To learn more about Black Cow vodka, be sure to visit their website or ask for it at your local liquor store. Black Cow currently retails at the LCBO for $48.80.