Inside Hollywood North’s Styling Lounge Perfect For The Fashionable Man

With Toronto having both Toronto Fashion Week and Toronto International Film Festival happening basically at the same time, it seems like everyone is out on the streets of Toronto this time of year.

Especially at this time, you are going to be seen and heard, so it’s a good time to look at Canadian, North American and International fashion brands to find answers your possibly questionable wardrobe.

I was invited to the Hollywood North Styling Lounge in Charlie Condos to meet and greet with some of the fashionable forward-thinking brands.

I went around the room and introduced myself to the hardworking entrepreneurs, fashionistos, and fashionistas that were on the more fashionable side of the conversation. I talked to local designers about their pieces and was just blown away from the passion in their eyes and how they talked about their brands.

Each brand had an interesting story about why they were in the business and how they made their clothes. For example, some brands had multiple different cuts, patterns and shapes, and a whole wardrobe of things to choose from. It wasn’t like they were just starting with one piece and to see how things would go from there. They were ready to fill closets with some beautiful pieces that were very diverse from each other.

The colours, fabrics, pain-staking processes and creativity behind these brands were very impressive. I particularly like these events because I get to talk directly with the people behind the brands. I don’t have to wait for a fashion show to end, me getting one question and being pushed out of the way from the crowd. It’s me, directly hearing what they love, have to go through and what they are proudly offering to audiences both here and abroad, online and offline.

I encourage you to check out the links below to learn more about these brands and what they offer to expand your knowledge of Canadian fashion:




Here are some of the images from the event:

The Bottom Line

With stylist suites like this one, the opportunity is there to talk with Canadian brands and hear their passions, feel the quality of their products and get inspired by how into fashion and design they are. Thank you to Hollywood North for the opportunity of coming to this stylist suite and best of luck to my new friends as they continue to deepen their adventure into the world of fashion. Learn more about Hollywood North through their website.