Comparing The Lincoln MKZ Reserve 3.0L and Hybrid in Tofino

Hybrid or Combustion Engine?  Which would you choose?

Driving two of the same model of car back-to-back is a real treat, especially if one of the models is the hybrid version of the other.

With test driving two in quick succession of the other, it’s easier to see details, notice differences and learn more about each car through their separate personalities instead of waiting days, weeks, months for the opportunity to learn more about each of the cars.

Lincoln Motor Cars flew me for another test drive with them in British Columbia, but on the trip from Nanaimo to Tofino, I had a unique experience to drive the 2018 Lincoln Reserve MKZ 3.0L followed by the 2018 Lincoln MKZ Reserve Hybrid.

We drove last year’s model of Lincoln MKZ to Ottawa and back to Toronto, so it was nice to see an old friend again. Same beautiful interior, same wonderful massage seats, and same great pep off the line as I remembered.

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We drove the MKZ from Nanaimo airport to the Lighthouse Restaurant, where we broke for lunch. Ended up around a popular Tofino spot, Coombs Candy Store, and over to Wickannish Inn with Lincoln MKZ Reserve Hybrid.

I have to say, they are siblings, not identical twins. It seems like the MKZ Reserve Hybrid is more of the older brother.

lincoln mkz

The MKZ Reserve Hybrid

The MKZ Reserve Hybrid is the older brother between the two models. It acts a bit more conservative, feels like they spent more time in school with the technology it has in it and a little bit more mature, compared to the spritely, petrol-powered MKZ. There is a lot of technology in the car and you can feel it. It’s all right there on the dash: the regenerative braking, the stats on fuel consumption, range, the behavior of your battery when you are pushing it, or keeping it civilized.

The Battery Coach is a nice feature to have because as a driver, it encourages you to focus on recouping as much battery power as possible. It feels like a bit of a game sometimes, direct feedback to how you were braking and how much power came back into the motors. That kind of feedback loop made for more conscious decision-making while driving.

With MyView on the LCD screens, you can learn more about your consumption of energy from a day-to-day basis or more of a long-term viewpoint. I personally like the camaraderie between machine and driver like that, an educated driver is a more conscious driver of their environment, and this technology that’s built it really brings that forward.

The hybrid system seems very seamless, the range of the vehicle doesn’t seem to be causing an issue or taking up any mental space for anxiety either. This is for people who want a nice ride, great comfort, terrific handling of power, but with any hybrid, there is a slight hit on performance when it comes to speed and acceleration. But, that’s to be expected, when it comes to the battle between hybrid and petrol-powered engines.

The MKZ Reserve 3.0L

mkz 23

The younger brother has a lot of spirit.

A bit more impatient, a bit quicker, wants to go from its stationary spot as soon as you get in. It feels like it wants to move as soon as quickly as possible. It’s got a great amount of acceleration off-the-line, for lane changes and on-ramps. It has all the great handling of the MKZ Reserve Hybrid, but it is a bit lighter, bit more trunk space and has a lot of speed potential. Even if you are in regular Drive mode or in the more energetic Sport Mode, it gives you the ability to turn on the power and speed very quickly compared to the MKZ Hybrid.


Comparing MKZ and MKZ Hybrid

That being said, what we love about these cars is that they are not very different. They speak to two kinds of people. I can even see someone who loves these cars to have one of each. The sportier MKZ Reserve for weekends, sunny driving days on the coast while the MKZ Reserve Hybrid for more city driving. The cars perform around corners well, both are extremely comfortable to drive and have a lot of technology to complement the ride. Both even have it where you can use the Lincoln Way App on your smartphone to start or schedule to start your car from your iPhone or Android, how convenient!

The Bottom Line

The real difference between these two cars depends on more of the driver’s driving style than the cars themselves. Both will deliver on great comfort and performance, but it just depends on which brother you like most. Which brother do you like more?

To learn more about the Lincoln MKZ Reserve 3.0L or MKZ Reserve Hybrid, visit their website and schedule a test drive to find out for yourself.

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