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LXRY Attends Richard Mille’s Grand Opening in Toronto

Richard Mille is a watch company that is radically different than the others. They create timepieces that seemingly jump off people’s wrists through their designs and strong pops of colour.

There are uniquely shaped watches and there are Richard Mille shaped watches.

The bold shape, richness of colour, either fully involved or accented on a small dial, provides a viewing experience unique to the Richard Mille brand for almost two decades.

Even the addition of crystals on their timepieces even makes them shine even more from your wrist, adding that extra little bit of extravagance.

The brand was born in 1999 and after two years of research, development, business restructuring and collaborations, the first RM001 went on sale in 2001. Since then they have been furthering their endorsements with Formula Drivers, Golfers, Tennis Players, and even Olympic Sprinters, Richard Mille has been coming up with beautiful collaborations with the likes of Felipe Massa, Yohan Blake, Jackie Chan, Alain Prost, and many more.

The Grand Opening Event In Toronto

This week we were invited by Richard Mille to attend their grand opening of the only Canadian store, in Toronto. This location is located on the second floor of 135 Yorkville Avenue, across from The Hazelton Hotel.

The store design itself is also of a unique shape. The centerpiece of the room splitting off two areas with lots of small sub-areas to have showings, test drives of the tourbillon, careful handlings of chronographs to finalize the purchase of your next exquisite timepiece.

The different timepieces were given plenty of real estate and room to breathe as well as they stood sitting up proudly in their display glasses. It gave the onlookers time to experience and appreciate each one for what it was. The only thing that I wished happened at the event that was absent was for all of them to be ticking while on display, so you could see what the complications do best.

Another notable at the event was the addition of the Louis XIII Cognac tasting. It was something that I enjoyed a few weeks back and it was a nice added touch to the whole experience.

There was also a violinist with a beautiful dress on and a very talented singer that filled the spaces in conversation as they performed all over the room over the music that played, giving it an extra layer of real talent and liveliness.

The Bottom Line

I am happy to see Richard Mille expanding to a new location as the brand continues to grow north of Canadian borders. The uniquely designed shapes will be something that absolutely stands out on your wrist and is a centrepiece that adds a lot to your wardrobe. Even with something like a white dress shirt on, these timepieces, with their colour and dramatic designs, really add expression to your wardrobe. Whether you are looking for a timepiece that stands out in colour, dynamic stature or shape, Richard Mille has your wrist covered.

For more information on the Richard Mille collection of timepieces for men and women, be sure to visit their website.

Where Richard Mille’s New Store is Located in Toronto:

135 Yorkville Ave

2 floor,

Toronto, ON

M5R 0C7

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