One Of The World’s First Porsche Roadsters Comes To Toronto

The Porsche 356 No.1 Roadster is a large, beautifully crafted piece of automotive history. The car was first brought and introduced in Geneva and recently celebrated its 70th anniversary and it’s looking great for its age.

I would love to see more cars to pay homage to their ancestors as automotive moves to better materials, technology and smaller more powerful, electric motors. Wouldn’t you love an electric version of this in 2019?

Last week, I was invited by Porsche to see the historical car in person. It was a hot and sunny day in Toronto last week as the Porsche 356 No. 1 Roadster was parked on the astroturf around the Harbourfront area, just South East of the CN Tower.

The little 1.1-litre engine powers the world’s first Porsche with 35 bhp, an all-aluminum body and all the original parts from the axles, steering, wheels, and brakes, originally from the VW Beetle. However, the car itself is actually only 585 kg to move, enabling a very comfortable max speed of 135 km/h, perfectly fine for today’s city driving.

I should get one.

Here is a little history of the Porsche 356:

The Bottom Line

The original Porsche 356 No.1 Roadster was a shape of things to come for the ambitious company. It’s the car that kicked everything off for Porsche and you can still see remanents of the car’s shape, form, and spirit in cars even today. This is one of 7 worldwide stops for the roadster and we are happy that there were multiple stops all over Canada.

To learn more about the Porsche 356 No.1 Roadster, be sure to visit their website.

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