The Highest Event Venue In Canada

Looking to make a statement with your event?

High above Toronto there is an over-the-top event venue that might be as unique as your occasion.

In the midst of a big announcement that the CN Tower will be investing $16 Million into a renovation of the historic landmark that is one of the definitions of Canada, they have also created an event space that is the highest event space in Canada.

The unique space follows the rounded curvature of the famous Canadian landmark and we were invited to a VIP experience there this past week to see the space firsthand.

We took the elevator up 114 stories, high above the city skyline to the opened glass doors, walking into the curved event space.

There was an oyster station, steak and veggies, a meat and cheese station and hors d’ouerves that were found in different stations spanning the space as branded CN Tower beverages poured into empty glasses for guests. This food provided by CN Tower’s 360 Restaurant and the ingredients used to make up these stations were Canadian-focused in nature.

The backdrop of the event was the city’s skyline, viewed through floor-to-ceiling windows and the foreground was filled with Toronto notables, bloggers, fashionistas, foodies and some of our favourite people to see at events.

The event space is a unique one. We can definitely imagine seeing the event space being used for product launches, receptions, cocktail parties and gourmet food and beverage events.

The long and wrapped design won’t be for every entity or organization, but the brands or people with vision that utilize the space in a creative way are able to really take advantage of the space and the best qualities of it.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a unique event space, the CN Tower is probably one of the most unique opportunities in Canada, especially with the view. It’s the best view of the city without being in a helicopter. The event space with the great drinks and food will be a great canvas for future events and occasions. We are looking forward to see how other brands work with the space. This will be a nice addition to the landmark entity that brings approximately 1.9 million people a year and is a first impression to many people visiting Canada for the first time. This will also be a unique way for the CN Tower to host it’s hundreds of corporate and social events that they put on each year. When will you have your event here?

For more information about booking an event at the CN Tower or booking this event space, be sure to visit their website.