Enjoying A Master Class of Fairmont’s Classics. Perfected. Cocktails At Saks

What could be better than one luxury brand bringing you a great experience? How about two coming together?

How about enjoying some fine hospitality from Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, while in one of Toronto’s best department stores at Saks Fifth Avenue?  Now, that would be a great combination.

I was invited to a master class for the mixing of some of Fairmont Hotel’s most Classics. Perfected. Cocktails. I was taken through the making of these cocktails step-by-step by a terrific and knowledgeable mixologist from Fairmont.

We started off with the Right Word, which is a cocktail that features the following:

  • 1 oz Bombay Sapphire Gin
  • 1 oz of Lillet Blanc
  • 1 oz of St-Germain
  • 1 oz of fresh lime juice

Next, we moved on to more of a classic cocktail and one of our favourites, the Fairmont Old Fashioned.

After all of this learning, it was time to showcase my skills as a home bartender.

I had to dream up our version of the popular signature cocktail, so I went with a twist on a classic and my favourite, an Old Fashioned.

I don’t know if I was lacking sugar that day or if I just showcased my love for sweets, but I sure made one sweet version of it!

Our version of the Sweet Old Fashioned is as follows:

  • * 2 oz Mount Gay Rum
    * 0.25 oz or simple sugar
    * 2 dashes of cherry bitters
    * Mixed into iced and poured with a big cube of ice
    * Finished off with a maraschino cherry

If you do have a sweet tooth and you are looking for a nice island feel in the middle of winter with a cherry finish, this cocktail is for you.

The Bottom Line

With Fairmont Hotels and Saks Fifth Avenue being prominent brands in lifestyle, travel, and fashion, it marks the start of a beautiful relationship that we are looking forward to seeing grow over time. If you are heading to a Fairmont Hotels around the world, go into the beautiful environment that surrounds the bar, post up, talk to the knowledgeable bartender and ask for one of these signature cocktails. It will make you appreciate the ambiance that much more, especially if you are dressed in an outfit you picked out at Saks Fifth Avenue, earlier that day.

I want to thank the Fairmont Hotels and Resorts and the Saks Fifth Avenue team for hosting me and teaching me how to pour these classic, delicious cocktails at home.

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