Celebrate World Malbec Day With A Great Wine From Argentina 

Today is World Malbec Day! It’s a great day for those who like a nice smooth red wine. We know we do.

Whether it’s something to really bring out the flavours of a nice cut of meat (to even out the spices), something to gift your friends for their next dinner party or something that can pair with a nice book, a nice red wine could be the flavourful unwind that you need.

The Bodega Norton Barrel Select Malbec is our choice this year to celebrate World Malbec Day.

We like it for it’s composition. The tastes of ripe red fruits, pepper and cassis, all aged in French oak barrels definitely suit our taste palette for a nice late afternoon or evening wine.

To learn more about the Bodega Norton Barrel Select Malbec, visit their website.