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This Happened In A New 2016 Audi TTS Coupe

One considers themselves lucky when they are able they take out an Audi TTS Coupe for the weekend in April. And I was certainly feeling that way when I picked it up.

One considers themselves unlucky when having such a beautiful car when the weather doesn’t cooperate. Whatsoever.
The TTS is one of those cars that I have adored ever since it came out a few years back. It was like no Audi hadn’t seen before at the time. A very unique shape, but something that looks sleek going fast or just staying stationary.

So, when Audi Canada asked us to take the car for the weekend…sure!

A Weekend With The 2016 Audi TTS Coupe

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Day 1 

After picking up the car. Full tank. Bright blue. It felt like I was untouchable on the road. People were actually changing lanes away from the car. People stopped early at lights behind me. Looks were given in delight of the car.

I brought the car home and immediately baby’d it. Made a thousand excuses not to take it out to risk someone smashing into it.

Day 2

Wanted to shoot something, but…Completely. Rained. Out.

Day 3

And then this happened….it snowed a lot in April. Blizzard. Large flakes pummelled Toronto streets, long after everyone took off their winter tires for the summer weather ahead.

After some shopping and dinner in Yorkdale. We got outside. And it was all covered in snow. Blanketed across every car, on every yellow line and cratered footprints filled every walkways and entrance. But, I didn’t have my own car with my snows still on from being up north the weekend before. I had the Audi.

Panic really set in when those doors opening from the garage opening to the doors outside. But, I wanted to see what the Audi was made of. It ate through the snow like it was a rally car. Soft on corners when everyone was sliding and quick up hills with it’s famous All-Wheel Drive system. I gained confidence really quickly with the car. And trusted it around corners and through anything it was thrown at and got me back during Murphy’s Law-type fluke weather that happened at the start of a Spring month.

Home. Safe.

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Day 4

The snow just kept on coming.

Work got in the way, so I had to wait to drive until after 6 pm. But before I even had time to realize, the race had already begun.

The sun started to go down and we needed a final place to shoot. The sunlight became warmer as we raced to the Scarborough Bluffs, melting the freshly laid snow quickly from the day before.

The Bluffs are known for their expansive views of amazing water and cliffs that look like you are in a completely different country than Canada.

The Bluffs were perfect for pedestrians, but were they perfect for cars? The short answer. No.

The roads would either divert up to the top of the cliff or down to the water level. It was tricky. Pedestrians had all the freedom with pathways and trails going up to the top and down to the lakefront that continues down long pathways to Ajax and maybe further. But for a car, it was painful the number of photo opportunities that were ruined by a house, construction or a fence.

Time was running out and the sun was going down faster than the car with the restricted residential street speed limits. Street after street of house-sized blockades. Decided to head toward the marina. The open space could set up everything just right.

I really got to know the car at this point. Navigating directly from the map, cornering to no end with all the side streets, getting (almost) caught in private driveways, using the reverse camera to avoid snow, brush and low hanging branches, powering up hills, driving through snowy patches and powering through ice like it was water.

Then coming down the expansive downhill, winding road, I see it. The spot.

2016 Audi TTS Coupe LXRY Magazine

Then the darkened drive back to the lot for whence the Audi came. I built a lot of confidence with the car over the days I had it, and it gave me a lot of confidence on the road.

I must say, I am and have already started missing the Audi TTS Coupe. I miss the speed, the handling, and acceleration of the AWD. The intuitive radio and map system and the comfort level of the seat. I also miss how surprisingly good the visibility was for blind spot and rearview mirror checks.

It was a car that you can fun with. A car that can handle a fluke snowstorm or fit in a quick adventure.

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Learn more about the 2016 Audi TTS Coupe through its website and thank you Audi Canada for letting me have this adventure.