Day One At Cobble Beach

The weekend away.

It’s something that you need every once and awhile to get away from the busy city nights, rush hour traffic and endless emails.
We have been invited to Cobble Beach to have that weekend away.

We pulled up to a Nantucket-style building with a bunch of beautiful cottages surrounding it. After a friendly greeting from the staff, we were taken to our room and introduced to our spacious and well-decorated quarters for the weekend.

See pictures below for the room!

After checking out the room fully, we went for dinner at Sweetwater Restaurant for some delicious food. Between my fork, spoon, and knife were plates of great food for the evening. Jalapeño + Cheddar Soup, Angus Flat Iron Steak, and a delicious Crème brûlée to finish off the night.

This is what we are doing for the weekend, how are you starting your weekend?

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Cobble Beach

Address: 221 McLeese Drive, Kemble, ON N0H 1S0
Phone:(519) 370-2173
For more information and to book your next winter trip, go to: cobblebeach.com
Facebook | facebook.com/CobbleBeach

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