Day Two At Cobble Beach

After a relaxing day one, we had a wonderful hint of what the rest of the snow and sun-filled days were going to be like.

The morning of Day 2 started with a wonderful breakfast, french toast, but it wasn’t your usual french toast, it had caramelized bananas, Nutella, and plenty of deliciousness to start your day in the right way. Oh, and yes, we said Nutella. If you love Nutella, you will love what Chef Tim has in store for you.

Then it was time for the spa. Like many Torontonians, I was hunched over a laptop. I went for the Post Round Massage, it was heavenly for getting out the kinks. But for anyone who is new to the spa or want a refresher from a long week, it was a great full body massage.

After the spa, it actually worked up another hunger wave and I headed for lunch. With being in such close proximity to the waterfront, I had to get something related to the waterfront living. So I went with the Whitefish and Chips. Even though the Whitefish was a great light, 2-piece lunch, the sauces really made it what it was. The curry mayo for the sweet potato fries and the garlic aioli tartar sauce really added some smooth flavouring to the tasty fish.

After some delicious intake, it was time to burn off some nourishment on the snow. Even though we could have partaken in snow shoeing and cross country skiing, we decided to go by foot on the crunchy, yet soft snow. It was a trek, but a good distance to grab some pictures (seen below).

We warmed up to B52’s and had some great fireside chitchat before heading back to the room for a much needed, old school, bubble bath. Why not!

It should be mandatory after any B52 + walking tour combination. The sun started to set, warming the tones of the bathroom and out to the room before changing for our trip to the winery!

Enter Coffin Ridge Winery

With the team for the weekend heading to the Coffin Ridge Winery, we were able to taste deadly great wines! The whole brand of Coffin Ridge is very spooky with decor, a story and more all about the unknown history of Coffin Ridge. With plenty of story to work with, they decided to base their winery theme around this ghostly passed. The wines were lingering and haunted with flavour, taste, and can be paired with your favourite meals very easily. We went with the Marquette for it’s rich flavour and rich flavours to compliment red meat starring meals.

The dinner was out-of-this-world. Never had we had more food + wine pairings in one meal. On their own with their specific wine pairing would have been satisfying, but 5, well we had a lot of enjoying to do.

Each meal keep coming and more delicious than the last.

Here is a couple of pictures of our meals, but it doesn’t do it justice with how much flavour and great texture each of the dishes had.

Finally, after hours of laughs, conversations, and interesting stories with other amazingly inspiring travel writers from Canada Cool and Luxury Playbook, it was the best way to end the night.

Cobble Beach

Address: 221 McLeese Drive, Kemble, ON N0H 1S0
Phone:(519) 370-2173
For more information and to book your next winter trip, go to: cobblebeach.com
Facebook | facebook.com/CobbleBeach

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