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The Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel Will Make You Love Layovers

You know, one of my favourite views is when big international planes fly into the airport.

I used to watch airplanes fly into the airport when I was younger and loved the sights and sounds. The flights going in and out, taking off, full of people going to a new city, going home or off to discover something new.

The Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel brings in that unique perspective directly outside its windows. Making it one of the most unique views I have experienced.

Before I get to the room and the hotel, I just want to say how convenient it is to head to and from a flight from the Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel. You. Are. Right. There. The hotel and spa are located within Vancouver’s International Airport, making it convenient to head to and from your flights.

Quick Fact: The Fairmont Vancouver Airport is sound-proof.

When it comes to dining I have enjoyed many breakfasts, lunches, and dinners at the main lounge and restaurant. The views out to the airport and mountains further back make for the perfect scenery in the morning to get you motivated to start your day. Especially with all the private jets and big airliners coming in.

The Globe@YVR has a great breakfast that was perfect to kickstart my day, be sure to have the Energy Start Breakfast.

The rooms themselves are well laid out. The bathroom has a great, big, relaxing tub with a terrific shower moving on to the bedroom which has great floor-to-ceiling window views.

If you do decide to stay at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel, I suggest upgrading your stay to Fairmont Gold. It’s nice to experience the first-class and personal concierge service, but have access to the private lounge to get some work done. For those who need to hit the gym every day, with Fairmont Gold, you have 24-hour access to the health club and spa. That comes in handy when you haven’t fully adjusted to the time zone change. I was up at 3 am, fresh as a daisy, and to pass the time until I could have breakfast, I got a great workout in.

Last but not least, I suggest the spa for your visit for the Fairmont Vancouver Airport. Nothing beats a nice massage before or after a long flight.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to traveling and jet-setting to and from different exotic locations with stops in Vancouver, I suggest the Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel for its convenience and how it has everything you need to decompress from a long flight. Whether it’s the great food, the unique hotel room and restaurant views, the spa or just the sheer convenience of how close you are to your gate, it all make this hotel a great place to stay for a jet-setter like yourself.

For more information about the hotel or to book your stay, visit their website: Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel

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