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Finding A Boutique Hotel Experience in Kitchener At The Walper Hotel

You want to spend the weekend out of the city, but you still want to have great time for a night. Where do you go? You might want to consider the City of Kitchener.

Often the city that gets paired up with Waterloo (a.k.a. Kitchener-Waterloo), we think that with certain developments put in place, this city is going to grow out of it’s paired identity and move out into it’s own space.

But, in order for that to happen, there needs to be a catalyst in the city. New development, new energy and new spirit. Places like Google, EA Sports and many other have developments there. Offices and buildings and you can see where those developments have completely transformed an area. New condos coming, new restaurants, new signage, with lots of parking. The city is ready for development, but we couldn’t pass on the development of Kitchener without talking about The Walper Hotel.

Originally built in 1893, this 8,000 sq. ft. corner property boasts a great location walking distance to a lot of venues, new restaurants and bars. It even boasts it’s own TWH Social, a great restaurant located in the downstairs area of the hotel with great live music within a comfortable, upscale pub theme. The food and drinks are adjusted well with Executive Chef Jeff Ward (geography teacher turned great culinary plater), helping to create an environment that you could enjoy for hours…like I did.

The rooms at The Walper Hotel are all different, unique as they say on their website. Some furniture is similar throughout the hotel, however the layouts are very different. We were located in room #511, the Cityview King and it provided a nice view of the city, as well as a great layout for relaxing, working or enjoying some leisurely reading or in this case, writing.

The CityView King: Room #511

The Walper Hotel was renovated last year and has had a lot of people buzzing about it around the city when asked for their thoughts. When I was asking people where we should hang up my elbow-patched blazer for the night, everyone I knew that was familiar with the area recommended The Walper Hotel.

The renovations provide a nice, new feeling to the hotel too. The $10M dollar renovation has created spaces that both locals and short-term residents of the hotel would appreciate. Feels private enough for more serious conversations involving business or something similar, but also provides a warmer feeling that can be amplified with friendly staff, that double as conversationalists, specifically the second floor lounge.

For those in Toronto, something like the Gladstone Hotel would be a similar adversary.

Closing Remarks

The Walper Hotel has a nice, fresh feeling and I believe that it will be one of the main catalysts for new change and focus towards the city of Kitchener. This would be a great place to visit now and in a few years time to see how the city progresses. If it goes down the path of new developments, the vibrancy of the city will show more and more over time.

The hotel provides a modern feel, comfortable beds, furniture and lots of smaller details (the pour over coffee, the electric blue pops of colour, the modern soaps, the eclectic carpeting and wallpaper) but also instills all of traditional aspects you want in a hotel. This is our pick for staying in Kitchener.

Here is where The Walper Hotel is located:

Learn more about The Walper Hotel through their website.

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