Milborne Group and Pordes Residential Bring Florida Real Estate Closer To Canada

What happens when two heavyweights in the real estate industry sit down and paper a strategic partnership? Big things.

With the Milborne Group of Toronto being a prominent force in real estate for over 40 years, they aim to serve their customers beyond the Canadian borders and into a popular Canadian destination, the beautiful coastline of Florida. With a leap like this across the border lines, this leads into their latest partnership with a group who knows US real estate, Pordes Residential.

Pordes Residential, known for their full service sales and marketing chops, have represented the high-end section of the condo and condo hotel market for the past 25 years in Miami, Toronto, Caribbean and more. More impressively, selling in downturn markets, something that Canadians haven’t had to face a lot over the years.

What you may not know is two surprising stats regarding the Canadian influence on Florida, specifically Miami. Did you know that Canadians have overtaken Colombia as the top international country searching for Miami real estate (according to what Miamire saw on their data in October of 2016). Additionally, according to The Guardian, just under half of a million Canadians head to the sunny shores of Florida to visit family, go down to their second homes or enjoy a short flight down to enjoy a nice vacation. Almost half a million people per year. That’s almost like every single person who lives in Kitchener, Ontario, all heading south to Florida every year.

What will the partnership mean?

The two real estate leaders will be working together towards two of the most interesting, branded properties in the south of Florida. Pordes Residential and Milborne Group have come to great to focus on these two developments listed below.

The FENDI CHÂTEAU Residences

The FENDI CHÂTEAU Residences, in particular, caught our eye. The contrast of the building’s design makes such a statement. The developer in charge of this more distinct property is The Château Group, with over 35 years of development through residential, commercial and more, they definitely know what they are doing. It’s such a beautiful difference between the endless skyscrapers that are being proposed and feels more of a community than a project. You may even see your neighbours more than once! The low-rise development boasts beautiful art, furniture, interiors all tailored by Fendi and flowing exterior to enjoy beautiful views of the beach and water. More on this project in the coming months.

Learn more about: The FENDI CHÂTEAU Residences

The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Sunny Isles Beach

The Ritz-Carlton Residence, Sunny Isles Beach is developed by two heavyweight developers who really have a taste for luxury interiors and dynamic exteriors. The Château Group and Fortune International Group are taking their development of the Miami skyline one step further by creating this expansive property. The thought process of these properties will be also explained in future stories because it’s something that a lot of Canadian developers have not adopted yet.

Learn more about The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Sunny Isles Beach

We will be getting into the details of both properties in further articles to come…but for the time being, we encourage you to view their websites and experience what they have to offer from a top-level.

Final Thoughts

It’s terrific news that Canada is getting more of a focus and interest towards international investing when it comes to real estate. We have proven time and time again that Canadians love real estate and even luxury real estate for that matter. Having a Toronto-based real estate group like the Milborne Group pairing up with a real estate sales and marketing leader like Pordes Residential will not only give confidence and safety knowing there is a bridge between Canada and the US, but will also bring more international opportunities, with big names behind them, closer for Canadians to seize. Maybe more Canadian snowbirds will find more permanence in style with South Florida real estate and take their vacation home to the next level…or to a next penthouse.