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Last Minute Holiday Gift Options For Whisky Lovers: The Balvenie

It’s crunch time, you only have a few days left and you are out of options for a gift. What do you do?

Time to turn to whisky. Not you…but a great last-minute gift option.

The Balvenie has a long history of whisky making and it’s surely an option that will bring a smile to any whisky lover’s face.

We have recommendations for the two types of people in your world:

(1) For The Acquaintance &

(2) For The Person Who Is (Practically) Family

The Acquaintance

Maybe you know someone through work, a friend of your partner, maybe it’s a client that you want to make a good impression on or a neighbour that’s been at your house all year so you feel obligated.

Well, we suggest wowing them with The Balvenie 12-year Double Wood. The price point is modest compared to Balvenie’s top of the line scotch whiskies but it will provide a heft to it when you give it to someone. A weight and impact that you wouldn’t find with a normal, more available whisky. It’s a gift they are going to want to analyze further when they take the bottle out of the case. The Double Wood is worth a Double Look.

Tasting Notes


Sweet fruit and Oloroso sherry notes, layered with honey and vanilla.


  • Smooth and mellow
  • Nutty sweetness
  • Cinnamon spiciness
  • Delicately proportioned layer of sherry


Long and Warming


$94.95 (Find it at the LCBO)

The Person Who Is (Practically) Family

For those special in your mind, your heart and your soul. Give them something of rarity. Balvenie Tun 1509 Batch #3 offers that mix of rarity, exclusiveness but is something that when you give to someone, it forces them to take care of it that much more, and only have on special occasions.

The Tun 1509 is limited batch has less than 9,000 bottles in circulation right now, worldwide. So, David Stewart, The Balvenie Malt Master, poached some of his best casks over the years and put them off to the side to make this special batch.

Each bottle of Tun 1509 displays the flavour profile of each of the 42 constituent casks and the overall character of the beautiful whisky inside.

Tasting Notes


Rich complexity with elegant oaky notes and dried fruits balanced by mellow cinnamon spices and ginger


  • Luxurious with layers of vanilla oak
  • Rich woody spices
  • Dark fruits
  • Definite sherry character
  • Hint of honey


Deliciously long, lingering sherried fruit and mature oak spices


$851.95 (Find it at the LCBO)

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s someone you have to gift for, someone you want to gift for or someone you want to treat, either of these Balvenie choices will be a great last-minute gift. These bottles as gifts will create intrigue and many memories to come over every sip they have and enjoy. If you are among the people that do get one of these bottles, please enjoy responsibly.