Modern Collingwood Living at Windrose Estates

Collingwood is a destination that you can enjoy at any time of the year.


Whether it’s right in the middle of winter or warmer weather in the summer, you have options for adventure, activity, and fun. It started as and truly is a four seasons destination. I have loved going up to Collingwood because compared to a city like Toronto, winter is both beautiful and actually enjoyable in Collingwood.

The location is where Windrose Estates really shines. We believe that this is one of the most ideal spots for development because you can enjoy two aspects of Collingwood, Blue Mountain and the downtown area of Collingwood. Very different.

If you are a skier and you are a member of one of the many ski clubs in Collingwood, then this a great location for you. You are really just minutes away from each of the clubs and the village as well.

Love the spa? Scandinave Spa, one of the best and most enjoyable spas in the area, is just down the street. You could spend hours there, soaking it all in and taking your time in the baths, steam rooms, and even hammocks.

MacPherson at Windrose Estates


We are going to be highlighting two properties in this article. Both very different than each other. But, we feel that the variety will give you a sense for the styling, the sizes and the variety that you could get at Windrose Estates.

The Adelaide | 2,612 sq. ft. | Modern Lofted Bungalow


The Adelaide C lofted bungalow home has a beautiful, modern feeling to it from outside in