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How a Rolls Royce Phantom is made

If you ever want to see what royalty looks like on 4 wheels, you turn to one of the most luxurious car brands in the world, Rolls Royce.

But how did Rolls Royce makes it so big in the luxury market?


When seeing a Rolls Royce firsthand, you are immediately taken back from all the intricate details, materials, and all-around quality and craftsmanship from them. It’s almost like you can see the countless hours spent on hand building this amazing machines. It’s like the cars were built like a fine watchmaker, obsessed with perfection and detail. But this is on a much larger scale.

Compared to a regular production car which moves down the line and every minutes a car is made, Rolls Royce is different. Rolls Royce doesn’t care about quantity, they care about quality, and it definitely shows in their products.

The attention to detail, engineering design, heritage and overall ergonomics of the car make it so much more than a vehicle from A to B, it’s a statement. It makes one admirable and desirable to have.

So, if you have seen one idling at a stop light, sitting on a revolving platform at an Auto Show, or on the road passing by you from rear view to windshield, this is what it takes to make a Rolls Royce Phantom.

Photo: Rolls Royce

Question: What do you think of Rolls Royce? Which model would you have if you could get one?

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