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Porsche Design Toronto: The 2012 Fall/Winter Collection

2012 Fall/Winter Collection

Porsche Design has released their latest fall and winter collections for both men and women, and the collection is looking great. Some of the pieces are timeless, some of the pieces are even better than their predecessors and others are brand new to the store and have limited inventory, so you are almost guaranteed not to be caught in the same outfit as someone else.

What Porsche Design does really, really well, is incorporating style and functionality to their collections. Their winter jackets are light in weight but when you put them on, you instantly know that you will definitely keep warm in that coat. The goatskin leather is smooth, light, nice-to-touch, and makes you not want to take the jacket off.

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The shoes are both beautiful and incredibly functional. Porsche Design just introduced suits to this season’s collection and with them, they brought some nicely designed shoes. The shoes still stay true to the design of the driving shoes, but have that added sophisticated touch to them. Even, the patterns on the soles of the shoes are specifically made to compliment the pedals of the throttle, brake, and clutch of your Porsche sports car. Moreover, some new winter boots have just arrived and high-top dress boots have also made an appearance in the new collection.


To go in more depth on the functionality of their coats, they have their customers in mind when designing for them and what they could use their products for. The winter jackets shown below utilizes RECCO technology, which emits a frequency out to help others find you if you are ever stuck in an avalanche. Small details like that really go a long way.

Another great feature of Porsche Design products is the consistency of their designs throughout their product lines. This fall features a TecFlex cut pattern that can be found throughout the collection. From their goatskin leather jackets to their bags, to their shoes, you can find consistency in designs, but they aren’t flashy, in-your-face type of designs. They are more geared to subtle, strong designs that you can see are made to be noticed, but not bragged about.

For Men

For Women


Porsche Design has released business attire into their stores and it looks fantastic. Elements of their designs with their previous collections stay true to the designs of the suits. The materials are nice and soft, light, but they look sharp.

Porsche Design Business Lady


Porsche Design has continued their great line of bags with the TecFlex design, it’s a beautiful carry around bag for people looking for great design and functionality.

Here is where Porsche Design Toronto is located:

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Porsche Design Store Toronto

77 Bloor Street West

M5S 1M2

Toronto, Ontario

phone | 416.929.1800

www | porsche-design.com

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