Use iOS to Power Your Home With Savant Systems

Want a sneak peek into the home of the future?

What happens if you were able to control multiple devices, electronics, and even lighting and security straight from your fingertips using a device you probably already own. What if that device could turn on and off home electronics and even monitor your security systems in your home, from anywhere in the world?

Savant Systems brings you the control to power home and media systems with just a couple of taps on your iOS devices. Below is a video explaining more.

The Savant Toronto Experience Center

Savant Systems had their launch Thursday night for their Savant Toronto Experience Centre and it was filled with demonstrations, great company, and great food.

You get an interesting feeling as soon as you walk into the Toronto Experience Center and you ask yourself, ‘Am I in a condo?’

Yes. Yes, you are. And it makes perfect sense.

The Savant Toronto Experience Center is a modern, Toronto condo. You have your living room, kitchen, dining room, and so on, and Savant’s systems seamlessly integrated within the condo. On the wall, not bothering anyone, you have an iPad that you can dim the lights in the kitchen, while controlling the speakers in the family room, before changing the channel to something you can relax to for the rest of the night.


Apple iOS Integration

Savant is a system that brings all of your lighting, heating and air conditioning, home entertainment, media, window shades, and even security systems to your fingertips. You can take your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, or MacBook or other iOS devices you can think of, install this software, implement the Savant system, and control items in a very visual, user-friendly, and practical way.

Savant STEC

With just a couple taps on your screen, you can control, adjust, and turn on and off anything that is integrated with this system. You can even set certain times when you want something to turn on or off, from anywhere in the world.

Savant uses this True Image Technology, where you have a visual for the room’s technologies that you want to adjust. Savant has been providing technology for both residential and commercial purposes for Canadian audiences since 2009, but the Toronto Experience Center is new to Canada.

What’s really cool about this particular technology is you have a lot of versatility to it. Savant has partnered with Apple directly to create the software and hardware for their product.

This makes Savant the world’s first completely Apple-based control and media platform.


Savant makes sure to stay on the leading edge with other partnerships specializing in home entertainment like AudioControl, Sharp, and Definitive Technology with shading and lighting technology by Lutron.

If you want more information, feel free to visit Savant’s website or call them (416) 238-0016.

Question: If you had the Savant System implemented in your home, what would you use it for?

Thank you for reading.