A LXRY Favourite: The Abyss Table

Price: $17,643 CAD

When it comes to furniture that draws attention, a table isn’t usually at the top of the list.

But designer Christopher Duffy has flipped that on it’s head, with the Abyss Table.


Duffy London has always come up with some brilliant products that we are sure you have seen in your Pinterest feeds with that glass of wine beside your home computer.

This is designed to draw attention and absolutely keep your attention. In the middle of the table it makes it look like you are going to dive in an underground cave, with rich blues looking different from all angles.

The natural wood and the tailored glass brings a feeling over modern looks with classic craftsmanship. It would definitely be a centrepiece for any room.


For more information and other products that Duffy London creates, visit their website.

Photos by Duffy London.