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Powerfully Coasting In A 2018 Lincoln Navigator Reserve

lincoln outdoor luxury 59It’s a similar experience to heading out on a boat for the first time.

First Impressions

You sit down on comfortable leather seating, plenty of space to look around, open/close compartments, kick out your feet and feel the interior hold you in.

After climbing in, you try to adjust to the new and larger size, the new feeling of driving through bigger space. The new feeling of cruising along the waves instead of feeling the hills and valleys of water in a smaller boat.

But, when you are finally out on the water, and fully adjust to the length and width of the vessel, there is no better experience on the water than the feeling of passing over it smoothly.

This experience I felt is the same feeling I had when I drove the 2018 Lincoln Navigator Reserve a few weekends ago. This smoothness over asphalt and gliding over payment with the sense that you are cruising at any speed, fully in control.

I open the door, stepping into the newly-detailed interior, find my bearings and head out from being docked in my parking spot. Moving out of the parking structure felt like pushing your boat through the locks, waiting for the wall to come down and for you to travel to the other side.

Pulling out of the city and onto the highway with traffic usually seems like quite a laborious experience. However, the massive presence this has makes it quite easy to get in between slow moving cars in the lane over. I can imagine it would be quite intimidating, seeing the large, crossed grill fill up your rear view mirror.

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Highway Driving

Getting onto the highway, I had some more room to breathe, resembling a feeling of open water after slowly inching your way through popular and touristed areas.

With this new feeling of open road, I couldn’t help but then turn to try the interior features to make the longer haul more enjoyable.

The first place I started was the Perfect Position seating. The number of adjustments make it the most combinations I’ve experienced in a luxury SUV. The Active Motion® massage seats were an added touch to deliver a sense of separation between weekdays and the weekend.

Now, that I had my seating adjusted, the next menu item was the sound. Stopped and connected my phone to Bluetooth, enabling me to play my music over the very present, Revel Audio System. An audio experience built into different areas of the car to promote more of an audience or concert feel with how the speakers are tuned front and back from you.

I have always enjoyed the GPS for the Ford and Lincoln vehicles. A rare occasion would be when a GPS location was not found, but their map system is very intuitive and useful enough for you to find the destination through different means.

One of the simple pleasures of this particular vehicles is generally the height of the vehicle. People spiritedly cheer for driving SUVs because how tall they feel on the road, both with the driving position and the general presence it has.

In The City

For inner city driving, pulling out of areas with parked cars, I could actually see over cars to see what was oncoming, making it a lot safer coming out of blinded spots of densely parked cars. Seeing over the roofs of cars in front of me on the highway better equipped me to prepare for traffic slow-downs further up too.

While driving you get a sense of control and comfort with this car and even though you find yourself poking far out of parking spots while you are parked, the size on the road was manageable. Believe it or not, the big Navigator Reserve actually seemed somewhat agile. Which is generally a surprising feeling.

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It’s What’s Inside That Counts

What makes the 2018 Lincoln Navigator Reserve feel ‘agile’?

I think it was the available power fo the 3.5L Twin-Turbocharged V6 Engine that did the trick. With not a lot of lead time needed from to get you moving, the 450 horsepower motivational speaker under the hood will encourage you to expand your confidence to overtake or merge with newly-found confidence. The turbocharged engine makes the car hop off the line, when waiting for an advance green to light up.

With the different driving modes available for off-roading, performance and more gives you options for what kind of driving experience you want to have, and also compliments what kind of mood you are in.

Additional Features We Want You To Know About

One of the big things that makes this vehicle more interesting is the 4G LTE WiFi hotspot that enables up to 10 devices to be connected at the same time. A lot of entrepreneurs use their cars as offices, whether they are on-site, on-location or on the go. This brings a very modern utility to those whose business is surrounded by movement, all with Lincoln Connect.

If you want to feel like you’ve blown the top off the vehicle, the Vista Roof® provides that feeling. It feels like there is hardly any roof at all because it covers such a huge area for the top of the car.

Finally, with a lot of technology in cars, it’s getting tougher and tougher to seem to keep your eyes on the road. With Lincoln, they know this, that’s why they have added the Heads Up Display that keeps your eyes looking forward and you have all of the information you need (next turn on your GPS, Speed, etc.) all right in front of you.

Watch our full video here of our time at Whispering Springs with the 2018 Navigator Reserve:

The Bottom Line

Some cars today use technology to help the drive make it easier to drive and there are cars that have technology to help drivers drive their cars better and be more enjoyable. The 2018 Lincoln Navigator Reserve is the latter. The driving experience is great as is, but the technology expands and compliments that experience. Even if there were no driving assists at all, it would still be a great car to drive. It’s a strong pick if you are looking for a luxury SUV that has some great refinement, features for drivers and passengers and looking for a car that checks all of the boxes there. This would be a great car with families, looking to transport a lot of people, or someone who is looking for that large presence on the road and is on the road a lot. The Navigator Reserve goes for an MSRP price of $91,500 and you can head north from there based on the features you would like.

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For more information, be sure to visit their website to learn more about the 2018 Lincoln Navigator Reserve.

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