Lacoste 85th-22

Lacoste Celebrates A Milestone: The Crocodile Turns 85

Lacoste comes from the roots and mechanical brain of a particular athlete, René Lacoste, over 85 years ago.

He was a tennis player who used to have to wear long-sleeved shirts and even ties while he was playing in the heat, running reactively towards his next shot. He realized that there was a better way to stay cool, look presentable and with this idea in mind, brought something new to tennis back in 1926, the invention of the polo shirt. Nicknamed ‘The Crocodile’ from other tennis players for his skill and based on what we have read, biting style on the court, René Lacoste has turned a nickname into something more, something global.

From there, René took the polo shirt idea, made it a business in 1933, brought it to tennis, then expanding it to other sports, and it just kept growing from there.

After expansions, sponsorships, locations globally represented by a playful colours and minimalistic designs, Lacoste has reached quite the milestone, 85 years in the business.

How did we celebrate Lacoste’s 85th birthday?

We had the pleasure of being invited to Yorkdale Shopping Centre at their Lacoste store to celebrate, ready to see different colours and new styles.

We walked through the green-grassed entrance to the primed retail shop that made us look passed the storefront and back to the far wall filled with a technicolor variety of neatly folded polos.

Whether it was apparel for Men, Women, Children or to fill out your accessories drawer, Lacoste has a variety of different styles to continue expanding your wardrobe.

You can see that Lacoste is starting to branch off into different styles, different accessories and working with different patterns since it’s focused beginnings.

However, we like the sunglasses, hats, watches, bags and more as an addition to a classic shirt design.

Champagne was pouring, small bites were passed around, DJ pumping as we all were socializing before the special guest arrived.

DVSN, who was recently signed to OVO Music, closed out the rest of the event as everyone around Yorkdale Shopping Centre at the time were intrigued about what was happening at the Lacoste store. It’s not everyday that a Toronto artist is filling up the shopping centre with booming sounds from an amplifier, much loader than any store audio system.

The Bottom Line

We wish to say happy birthday to the iconic brand who has given us one of the most stylish articles of clothing for the summer and sport, the polo shirt. Here is to more innovations, inventions and more colour being brought to all different aspects of life. Life is a beautiful sport, so play on.

For more information about Lacoste, see their new styles and learn more about the competitive history, visit their website today.