Grand Touring Brings Jaguar And Land Rover To It’s Expansive Dealership

When you look across the bridge on Dundas Street East in Toronto, going over the water, bike pathways, highway below, a massive building emerges on the other side with a list of recognizable and exotic car logos spread across like a billboard. This is Grand Touring Automobiles’ home in East Toronto.

Almost looking like a headquarters for a team of popular superheroes, this modern, multi-layered and levelled building spans almost a whole city block on one side.

We were invited to the welcoming of Jaguar and Land Rover to this Grand Touring Automobiles’ location and we couldn’t be more excited. 
The entrance to the event, a lead up to a particularly recognizable flag pattern, found overseas from our Canadian mainland. The Union Jack was the first hint of British intelligence leading us up to the main event. The carpet followed throughout the middle, splitting classic and new Jaguars and Land Rovers on either side.

We walked up to where the speeches took place, the official verbal opening to the crowd to welcome their new friends home, Jaguar and Land Rover.

The dealership is a two-floor beauty, with white aesthetic filling the rooms, letting the main highlight be the vehicles themselves.

The view from the dealership seems like the windows hog the whole city of Toronto.

The cars looked at home in their very U.K. colours, with plenty of space for pictures, walk arounds and different vantage points.

The dealership has the cars on top and offers servicing for the cars down below, in the bays and plenty of parking that acts like a moat around the complex.

Jaguar and Land Rover have always been brands that have stuck to their roots. Whether through concept cars, homages to classic models, they have always been interesting brands to see.

For Jaguar, they really feel like they are back in a groove, their cars are properly-tuned with great noises, great looks and exude power. The Jaguar I-Pace will be a very interesting look at electric vehicles and will put pressure on other car makers.

Land Rover is the same way, constant homages to their former shapes and icons, but constantly ascending up the mountain of innovation, luxury and comfort. Even though you may see one strolling through the cobble stone streets of an affluent area or passing people easily on the highway, what you don’t see is the amazing capabilities it has off-roading. It still has it’s bones, even after all these years.

The Bottom Line

We also welcome Jaguar and Land Rover to East Toronto, the cars and brand look comfortable and at home at Grand Touring. Now that Jaguar and Land Rover have their foot in the door, we are looking forward to seeing the next chapters of cars come through there. Grand Touring Automobiles, at 777 Dundas Street East, is as much of a one-stop shop for high-end cars as much as we have seen. With so many brands, parking, service and space, it’s hard to picture anywhere else you need to go.

For more information, visit Grand Touring Automobiles‘ website or see the dealership in person at 777 Dundas Street East, Toronto, Ontario M6P 2T4.

To see all of the latest and greatest in the Jaguar and Land Rover line ups, act accordingly and be sure to visit their respective websites as well.