Belvedere Vodka 5-2

A Bigger Belvedere Vodka Bottle Calls For Bigger Celebration

This summer Belvedere Vodka is inviting a new, taller family member to their lineup of premium vodkas.

This year they have launched a new 1.14L bottle, which tends to tower over the other bottles in the cabinet.

Taller bottle means, more and stronger cocktails, more sharing with others and more enjoyment of the quadruple-distilled, balanced vodka.

If you are a vodka fan, you already know that you can enjoy Belvedere on the rocks, straight up, mix it into cocktails, give martini some more character and gives you a nice all around spirit to experiment with for a large range of cocktails.

Additionally, if you are a vodka fan but haven’t tried Belvedere Vodka, you can expect a faint hint of smooth vanilla to come across your nose. The tasting palette brings you a medium body vodka, but has somewhat of a smooth finish. Belvedere is both a great sipping vodka and something that plays well with others.

The finish is crisp one, but has a long runway towards your next sip.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a vodka with a great amount of character, but you have a couple more people to entertain coming over, the bigger bottle definitely helps. Also, it’s extended bodymakes a great difference in reaction when you give it as a gift, they will think you like them more!

For more information, cocktails and to learn more about the character, visit the Belvedere Vodka website.