Rolex Gloves 2018 Baselworld Collection

Raffi Jewellers Highlights New 2018 Baselworld Collection of Rolex Watches

It must be tough to be a Rolex designer.

Taking heritage pieces that are both classic and iconic, and changing them up to appeal to new customers and have collectors get excited about them, all at the same time.

For us, we wanted to see these new models first hand, excited to see if the designers at Rolex were up to the challenge. And they most definitely were…

Enter Raffi Jewellers

We received car service from Toronto to Square One to attend the Raffi Jewellers’ preview event surrounding the new Rolex collection that was introduced at the international 2018 Baselworld World Watch and Jewellery Event.

The collection spanned many models, adding revised colours, new versions of heritage models, new cuts, shapes, widths and a lot more diamonds.

While attending the event, you could tell people were the most excited for the GMT Master II models nicknamed the ‘Pepsi’ and the ‘Root Beer’, which spans back to the year, 1954, amongst all of the other new additions.

Here are some of our favourites from the Raffi Jewellers X Rolex Event:

The ‘PEPSI’ Rolex GMT-Master II Watch

Vibrant, classic and filled with a lot of heritage, the GMT Master nicknamed ‘Pepsi’ is a great option.Everyone from Che Guevara, Pablo Picasso to Orlando Bloom have sported early versions of this iconic watch. We would love to see this particular watch in different setups with different materials (shown below), but the Oystersteel from Rolex is a great option. I can definitely see this being my daily driver.

The Oyster Perpetual Deepsea Watch

This was one of my favourites out of the new releases. The vibrant blue colours, contrasted by the black bezel, the weight of the watch, the slight pop of the green colour, all results in a watch I would be more than happy to sport as much as I could.

The ‘ROOT BEER’ Rolex GMT-Master II Watch

The ‘Root Beer’ is a new addition to the GMT-Master family, sporting the black and brown bezel. This is a callback to the early brown and cream coloured bezel from Rolex dating back to 1954. This colour scheme of the watch was made famous by Clint Eastwood, wearing it throughout the film, Firefox. We are happy to see it presented with a newer, darker palette of colour, looks more distinguished this way. 

If you aren’t impressed by those timepieces, Rolex also released their Datejust 36 or their Datejust 31. Perhaps soon, we will be able to see the colourfully new everose ‘Rainbow’ Cosmograph Daytona with multicoloured diamonds come to the store too!

The Bottom Line

Whichever your preference, the new 2018 Baselworld Collection of Rolex watches will have something for you. Whether it’s small, subtle colour changes, or returning champions from some of Rolex’s favourites like the GMT-Master, that are filled with heritage. Want to thank Raffi Jewellers for hosting us at the event and showcasing these beautiful timepieces, just remember, when shopping for a Rolex, enjoy them one at a time.

To learn more about upcoming watches and to browse for your next Rolex, be sure to visit Raffi Jewellers‘ website or visit one of their locations in Yorkdale Shopping Centre or Square One Shopping Centre.