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Grand Touring Brings Jaguar And Land Rover To It’s Expansive Dealership

When you look across the bridge on Dundas Street East in Toronto, going over the water, bike pathways, highway below, a massive building emerges on the other side with a list of recognizable and exotic car logos spread across like a billboard. This is Grand Touring Automobiles’ home in East Toronto. Almost looking like a headquarters for a team of popular superheroes, this modern, multi-layered and levelled building spans almost a whole city block on one side. We were invited to the welcoming of Jaguar and Land Rover to this Grand Touring Automobiles’ location and we couldn’t be more excited. [Read More]

Lamborghini Opens New Dealership North of Toronto And It Was A Car Enthusiast’s Dream Night

Picture this. You are driving up to a long driveway, you see hundreds of cars parked to the left, hundreds of cars parked to the right, all the way up to a new dealership, and most, if not all the cars parked, are Lamborghinis. That was not imagined, it happened at the new Uptown Toronto Dealership for Lamborghini. That was not even the entrance, that was just the road up to the dealership. The actual entrance to the new dealership had valet service bringing through Lamborghinis of all models, shapes and colours, whisking them away to be parked, while some of[Read More]