Lamborghini Opens New Dealership North of Toronto And It Was A Car Enthusiast’s Dream Night

Picture this.

You are driving up to a long driveway, you see hundreds of cars parked to the left, hundreds of cars parked to the right, all the way up to a new dealership, and most, if not all the cars parked, are Lamborghinis.

That was not imagined, it happened at the new Uptown Toronto Dealership for Lamborghini. That was not even the entrance, that was just the road up to the dealership.

The actual entrance to the new dealership had valet service bringing through Lamborghinis of all models, shapes and colours, whisking them away to be parked, while some of the iconic Lamborghini models were strategically lined up making up quite the Italian automobile landscape.

We registered and there was a nice three-piece band to the left and then dream Lamborghinis and crowds to the right.

We toured around the massive dealership that seemed to have wings instead of sections. Something grandiose to follow the sheer motoring extremeness of the Lamborghinis that it holds.

They had everything from products for the enthusiasts, colour palettes, rims and more hanging on the wall and then when you continue further back they have this huge bay, ready to work on multiple cars. Or your entire garage.

One thing I love about Lamborghini drivers, they are all very different from each other.

We saw owners that had t-shirt and jeans, the soccer player type,  well-dressed loafer wearing international aficionado, the ultra-business type, the ‘if I am not here, I am in the Mediterranean’ type, it’s very different and that’s we love going to Lamborghini events.

There are Lamborghinis and then there are Lamborghinis. They had new and rare models, like the Veneno Roadster, red-roped off for attendees to enjoy. They even teased us with the new Lamborghini Urus SUV through exciting visuals and a speech and visit from the CEO of Lamborghini himself, Stefano Domenicali.

Here is our exclusive video of our visit from the new Lamborghini Uptown Toronto:

The Bottom Line

If you are north of Toronto, be sure to stop by Lamborghini Uptown Toronto. You will like the friendly and knowledgeable staff and the beautiful interior, filled with cars that are surrounded by walls of accessories and possibilities to fill your next parking spot.


For more information about Lamborghini Uptown Toronto, be sure to visit their website and visit their dealership, which at the time of writing this, had all five-star reviews online.

Here is where Lamborghini Uptown Toronto is located:

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