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Spending A Day Like A Celebrity in Toronto With The Lincoln Continental

Celebrities always have an interesting life, inside or outside of the tabloids. Whether it’s living, driving or just being at lavish events or doing lavish things. It can be quite the life.

But, what’s it like to live like a Celebrity in Toronto?

We find out…with the Lincoln Canada team and the all-new Lincoln Continental.

You don’t have to be a celebrity to live like one. But, you can enjoy a day like one, and here’s how.

A Start Atop A Hotel

We started our day on the rooftop of the Bisha Hotel and Residences, where we are briefed on the whole line-up of Lincoln cars and the word effortless was tossed around many times during the briefing. We were excited to explore that concept more throughout the coming hours.

Effortless, with automotive, is described as something with no mental or physical exertion. This definition would be tough to hold up to…or would it?

A Trip To The Jewellers

We head to our first destination, to see a local Yorkville staple, the Mindham Fine Jewellery store.

For over 25 years, Miles Mindham has been showing off award-winning collections in his recently expanded boutique. We meet Miles firsthand and he takes us on a tour of the whole operation, where he sells and even makes custom jewellery. We then saw a beautiful in-house and a residence collection from the classic Verdura, made famous from classic celebrities from Greta Garbo, Coco Chanel, and Sofia Coppola. Followed by rare cuffs made decades ago.

Driving The Wheels Off

…Or at least trying to.

After we said our goodbyes to Miles, we headed off to the airport to have some lunch and the Lincoln team had their cars lined-up to then look at the different features of the cars.

The Lincoln Continental is a car that has been the most recent design change-up with regards to the interior and exterior look and feel. The new design brings new attention to detail that aims to make the car the definition of effortless. First went you step into the car (if it’s dark enough outside) you will see the Lincoln lit door mat illuminate the ground below the door. This is a nice welcoming entrance. Then you will find that the door is oh-so-easy to open, thanks to the E-Latch system.

Once you get in the car, you are welcomed with Revel Audio speakers (By Harman) and you have your choice of comfort with your 30-way adjustable seats. I think I experimented with 26 of those ways.

After setting out in motion, the 20-inch wheels with an AWD system move the frame powered by the 3.0L GTDI V6 Engine.

V6, we’ve missed you from the four-cylinder turbos we have been driving. It’s nice to see you again.

This engine vectors up to 400 horsepower and has 400 ft.-lbs of torque.

But, it’s a big car. What can you possibly do with a big car like that?

…Well, a lot more than you think.

Lincoln set up a little driving course in an area just around the corner for us to really try to drive the wheels off these cars.

We picked up speed off the line and it took off. The most impressive part was the car seemed to be light on its toes in the corners, taking each corner and throwing it back behind it.

We were impressed that in situations where you need to throw it’s weight around, it can very much handle it. You could even have fun with it on the track, maybe on the last day of your lease…

After a hard brake and a smile on our face, we headed in to wait for our next ride.

Seeing Toronto From Above

Life is hard when you are waiting for a helicopter to take you back to the city, so we had to get a head and neck massage that was offered while we were waiting. From there came one of the experiences we have wanted to have for a while, but never had it on a clear day, taking a ride in Toronto on a helicopter.

We got in, put the headset on and gave the thumbs up as we took off.

We saw some amazing views of the city, even better than atop the CN Tower.

We get picked up and chauffeured back to the Bisha to get ready for dinner.

Banquet Seating For Dinner

We hop in the back of the cars, dressed up for a nice dinner at Minotti. Now, what’s great about this is that Minotti is actually a high-end furniture store on the east of Toronto, but Lincoln made it into a beautiful dinner spot filled with a warm ambiance.

Walking around, waiting for dinner, we explored the store for our full cocktail hour as we waited for other guests to arrive and food to be cooked and prepared. We were around such beautiful furniture designs, fabrics, and settings and we wanted to take a fleet of trucks and steal all of the furniture that night. Apparently, that would be ‘frowned upon’ by Canadian law.

We set up our banquet style dinner and posted up across from the very knowledgeable, fashionable and talented, Marcus Troy, who we had great conversations about the experience, luxury, and brands.

We were taken back for the night to the newly opened Bisha, where we finished the night in the Toronto skyline with a clear view of the CN Tower and surroundings.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking to live like a celebrity, you would need to satisfy three main ingredients. Driving fast and being driven, being educated on different senses of style, and the feeling like everything is being taken care of. I find that the experience matches the intention of the Lincoln Continental. Both driving and being driven in the car is a very pleasant and effortless experience, while you discover new senses of style and refinement from the Lincoln brand, and feel like everything is being taken care of. This just may be our favourite Lincoln yet, but that could be overtaken by the new Navigator that could be heading on the road early next year. We will have to see.

If you are looking to have an effortless experience the Lincoln Continental for yourself, book a test drive, but in the meantime learn more about the Lincoln Continental through their website.