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Grand Marnier’s Speakeasy Experience Is Worth Talking About

Picture this. It’s the prohibition and all the of the experiences are only in the underground, off the city streets and behind doors from the watchful eye of the public, and especially, law enforcement.

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The only times that you could alcohol were at these secret bars where people had the time of their life.

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Well, Grand Marnier wanted to take us back to an experience like this. They wanted us to experience a time where the taste of spirits was rare, illegal and prohibited.

We started off with the invitation where they notified us about a secret code that was going to be sent to us. From there, 48 hours before, we received that code to say at the door with a simple address. That was it.

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We were excited to go.

As soon as we surfaced from our ride, we didn’t stay on the street long.

We didn’t want to be spotted going downstairs to an undisclosed location.

The security didn’t let us move a muscle until we said the secret password, ‘1880’ we said, the year the Cordon Rouge was created.

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He let us pass and we found ourselves in a room like we’ve never seen in Toronto.

A basement of interesting interior design, dark woods, and a red hue. We were greeted by a Grand Marnier Sidecar and stepped inside.

There we saw many of our favourite bloggers, enjoyed many cocktails and were present in appreciating the time period in which this was made.

The live music was great and we enjoyed many desserts and Grand Marnier mixed beverages in which the Cordon Rouge Over Ice at and the Sidecar was our favourite.grand marnier event 8

See some more of their recipes here.

The Bottom Line

As we were sitting there, sipping our blended Cordon Rouge, the famous orange-flavoured liqueur created in 1880 by Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle, we took a moment to reflect.

We took in the fact that at any moment the bar if we were back any year between 1920 to 1933, the Speakeasy could have been raided by police. We took in the fact that people were arrested for having or possessing alcohol during this time.

So, in this time of respect to people who made it through the prohibition unscathed, we put up a drink for them.

You made it through and by 1934, you took back your right to enjoy a good night on the town without looking over your shoulder.

Cheers to you, rebels.

To learn more about the classic Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge visit their page.

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