Eden Park Clarington Ontario III

Eden Park Brings Modern, Net-Zero Ready Homes to Clarington

Condos. They are popping up all over the urban city centres and are changing the way we live.

Gone are the days where we had room to move. Space to enjoy and a piece of land to call our own.

As properties have become smaller and smaller, very few companies are thinking bigger. However, Fourteen Estates has decided to change their minds. They have decided that space is a priority.

Fourteen Estates is going to be developing Eden Park, a collection of 28 modern homes on 3/4 acre lots in the beautiful pocket of Clarington, Ontario. Space away from your neighbours, space in front of and behind your home, with room to breathe. Refreshing.

These three-bedroom homes start a 2,580 sq. ft. and they move up quickly from there, giving you more space on your already big lot.

What really makes this project unique to the area is Fourteen Estates’ partnership with BONE structure. These are not your typical homes in a typical housing development, this is a modern home designs that can be modular. You can actually change your whole floorplan quite easily to adapt to your life.

BONE structure is really interesting because they make open-concept, sustainable and energy-efficient homes. Their steel construction systems can reduce energy costs by up to 90%! So, if you are looking for a way to live more eco-friendly, the homes at Eden Park are Net Zero Ready..

Eden Park offers six beautifully contemporary layouts that can really help you get the most out of the space in your home.

The oversized bedrooms, the open and airy living rooms and the massive windows, give you lots of light, sunshine, and views to the outdoors.

The finishes themselves are going to be ones to enough for a long time for all family members. Whether it’s the pre-finished engineered hardwood flooring, the gas fireplaces, the style-stone countertops and more, it’s going to be a place where you might find yourself enjoying the time there more than you think.

Clarington offers a nice break from the Toronto’s noise pollution and busyness, but you aren’t too far. Bowmanville is going to be a future stop for the GO Train, keeping the fear of missing out of what’s happening in the city at bay. You are close to natural enjoyments like lovely beaches in the summer, golf courses, parks and hiking trails. For the adventurous winter types, the Brimacombe ski resort and the beautiful Prince Edward County is not too far away.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking to be arm’s reach from the city, but live in a very modern home that has room to breathe, play and you can stretch out to a better living, than this might be the community for you. We were so impressed by the construction technology that BONE structure provides to their sustainable homes, it’s one of the reasons that the project stands out for us. Also, there is nothing like it in the area. Maybe it’s time to live larger.

For more information, visit Eden Park’s Website or call Kass at Blue Elephant Realty at 416 504 6133.