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Roots Canada Brings A 4D Experience With Their Northern Light Event

What can you do you innovate the fashion show to make it more of an experience?

You work with technology.

But, also, you bring together music and culture into the roots of what you are doing to make it more of a performance than a fashion show.

Roots Canada accomplished just that with their Northern Light event at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto.

We were greeted to our first ‘coat check’ event of the season, as the weather had us thinking about warmth, flannel and overcoats. We levelled up to the next floor and the room opened up and just kept going from there. There was a lot of real estate to cover before the main event took to the stage.

We walked to the next room, where they were showcasing a beautiful projection of a Canadian landscape for patrons to take pictures in front of to really set the tone for the event.

We proceeded to the Northern Light VIP Lounge, where there was an abundance of Canadian TV personalities, creatives and notables.

From there, we were called into this great hall on the third floor to a few models lined up to the audience, showcasing the latest in gear and apparel from Roots Canada perfect for the winter months.

Then as the show started, the beautiful room-wide visuals turned on and stunning imagery filled the room with more natural scenes and Northern Light-inspired views.

As the models came out, we were able to not only able to see the new collection, but also, with the Roots Live app, we were able to use the surrounding ambient noise and music to bring up the collection to buy right from our smartphones.

I could see the particular style of garment on my phone that was walking right in front of me, ahead of their Black Friday sale. It was bringing a full 4-D shopping experience of look, referencing it live and had a choice of buying it from there.

The Bottom Line

It was a very great and expansive event with technological videos and sound filling the room. And with the models up with height, it gave everyone the opportunity to enjoy the collection where they stood in the room. The aspect of using the sounds during the fashion runway show was a great idea for future retail experiences. We are looking forward to seeing how more experiences will be made with fashion.

Learn more about the Northern Light experience and see what’s new for 2018, or visit their website to see more from Roots Canada.