Drake To Go Public With Virginia Black American Whiskey in Q1 2018

He’s entertained the masses with his smooth voice, now is it time for his whiskey to go public?

Canadian household name, Drake, is planning on bringing his own brand of Virginia Black American Whiskey public with an IPO at the end of the 1st quarter of 2018. The smooth bourbon whiskey with the unique bottle shape and gold-top has both a nice rye tasting profile but finishes well. Let’s hope on the first day of the stock market, he will do the same.

We are both excited and nervous for Drake for this.

We are terribly excited because this is another Canadian-name and brand making a name for himself on an international stage, much like when Northern Harvest Rye from Crown Royal won the 2016 World Whisky of the Year.

We are nervous because of the singularity and narrow-focus of the product line. However, other well-known entertainers have had their links and connections to the spirit industry, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, and P.Diddy to name a few. We are hoping that the friendships with this entertainment moguls will turn into mentorships to bypass mistakes that these entertainers have made with their brands to ensure a launch as smooth as Drake’s Virginia Black is.

Having a CEO and acclaimed spirits producer, Brent Hocking, as well as, distribution channels and companies moving the brand from stores to bars can’t hurt either. Seems like there is already both moral, local and worldly support for the young and restless entrepreneur to make his name in the liquor business more than he already has.

The Bottom Line

We are looking forward to the date that Drake brings his brand to the public.

He has been a driving success for the entertainment industry and as someone who is from the same city as I am, I am looking forward to supporting local success. Lord knows I have already invested into his product line without any shares bought, but my investment came with a glass with a slow-melting ice block.

Be sure to check the stock markets this quarter and visit Virginia Black’s website for more information.

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