Defunc MUTE Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones

DeFunc Bluetooth Headphones and Dual Speakers Are The Perfect Combo For Play Home and Away

If you travel a lot, your music tends to travel with you everywhere you go.

But, when it comes to your favourite songs,  podcasts or audiobooks, you want great quality sound both home and away. Whether, it’s a commute, a flight, a hotel room, or an enjoyable picnic outside, great sound is essential for a time of relaxation, focus, great times for you or more people.

We find when it comes to the great sound you have to compromise a lot. Bigger headphones, speakers that aren’t portable or expensive, specific-use audio systems. However, we think we found a coordinated option that can not only deliver great sound but really a great experience whether you are at home or away. A 360-degree soundscape for your life.

We are going to introduce the combination of two products, the DeFunc DUO Bluetooth Speakers and the MUTE Bluetooth Headphones. You can purchase them separately, however with the coordinated coloured design, the easy-to-use (no-app) Bluetooth capability and the great quality sound, this has quickly become our favorite set up to our office and while on the go.

The Swedish-based company, DeFunc, is launching in Canada and they gave us an exclusive look on their two new flagship products, the MUTE Bluetooth Headphones, and the DUO Bluetooth Speakers and we are here to give you more insight into these two products.


DeFunc | At Home

We unboxed the DeFunc DUO Bluetooth Speakers and was pleasantly surprised to find two of them! The first of their kind on the market, with dual speakers. Usually, with Bluetooth speakers you have one small one that does a good job of filling a spot in your place, but it doesn’t feel like it fills the volume of the room.

Theses speakers, on the other hand, are great for filling space with sound and filling space with their nice, minimal design. With a sleek, cylindrical design, you can put the two speakers on opposite sides of the room, giving a fuller sound across the whole space. The two speakers complement each other well and give the ability to fill the space nicely and help bring out more from your music.

I enjoy putting one in the kitchen and one in my living room area. Having music follow me throughout different rooms makes a great distance (up to 10 metres), with the range from my phone connectivity to the speakers hasn’t been an issue. Then I take them to my office and having them either attached to my smartphone or computer to go over sound design, play videos or the enjoy the latest playlists. 

Will you be able to have a larger get-together and have this be the prominent sound maker for keeping everyone entertained? Unlikely.

However…if you are having a nice dinner party with after letting a nice bottle of wine breathe and you want warm undertones to bring forth a specific atmosphere you had in mind, then these dual speakers would be a great option for you.

They are the speakers that go with you, even the packaging doubles as a carrying case to take them everywhere you want to go.

You can connect them to your TV via aux cable, laptop, desktop or smartphone via Bluetooth to improve on the thin built-in speakers you usually get with all-in-one devices.

Learn more about the DeFunc DUO Bluetooth Speakers here.


DeFunc | Away

Whether it’s busy streets, noise pollution from surrounding cars or people you can’t avoid, or simply a loud child on a plane, escaping the noise is essential for keeping your mind focused on your priorities. The Defunc MUTE noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones are lightweight, comfortable, well-shaped to your ear and can definitely add an added layer to block out outside annoyances.

The padding around the over-ear speaker is light but comfortable and insulating.

The sound is crisp, but deep when it needs to be.

The materials are padded but feel of great quality.

I have test drove the DeFunc MUTE Bluetooth headphones for over a week and they have been great for not only long periods of wear. I have thoroughly enjoyed commuting with them, then coming home, plug them into the back of my desktop to continue the audio experience.

Although I didn’t find that the instructions did this justice, it did take me a bit of time to learn how to connect properly to the Bluetooth functionality, but once I figured it out, it took about 10 seconds to connect.

That 10 seconds included: waking up your phone, turning on Bluetooth, turning on the Bluetooth functionality of the MUTE headphones, then finding the song you want to listen to. Pretty convenient.

With headphones, I always looking for a few main ingredients, comfort, style, sound and ease-of-use. These definitely exceeded my expectations and it’s going to be difficult for me to switch from them.

Learn more about the DeFunc MUTE Bluetooth Headphones here.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to developing full 360 soundscape, it’s not always with the speakers you use. It’s more about how you live your life through music. With music, you want to be able to keep it at a distance, bring it close or use it to stay focused. With a 360 degree experience that fits towards your life, it’s something that we have spent a lot of time thinking about here. But, with the combination of great quality Bluetooth speakers that you can take with you, mixed with the insulating, yet comfortable listening of Bluetooth headphones, the DeFunc brand has created, with this combination, a great soundscape that fits different aspects in your life.

Learn more about DeFunc, shipping is free to Canada and takes approximately 3 days.