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Review: Defunc TRUE Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

We agree it’s tough to find good Bluetooth earphones. There are more and more options hitting the market, but which to choose? In order for me to switch from normal corded earphones to Bluetooth ones, I have some criteria. They have to connect easily, both of them, easy to wear, not falling out every two seconds, nice looking both in-ear and out of the ear, easy to store in my pocket, a good amount of time and ones that charge easy. A tough list to check all the boxes, but will the Defunc TRUE Bluetooth Earbuds endure? This article features[Read More]

DeFunc Bluetooth Headphones and Dual Speakers Are The Perfect Combo For Play Home and Away

If you travel a lot, your music tends to travel with you everywhere you go. But, when it comes to your favourite songs,  podcasts or audiobooks, you want great quality sound both home and away. Whether, it’s a commute, a flight, a hotel room, or an enjoyable picnic outside, great sound is essential for a time of relaxation, focus, great times for you or more people. We find when it comes to the great sound you have to compromise a lot. Bigger headphones, speakers that aren’t portable or expensive, specific-use audio systems. However, we think we found a coordinated option[Read More]