Defunc True Plus Bluetooth Earbuds: A Sleek Black Alternative To AirPods

Are you on countless Zoom and Google Hangout calls?

Are you looking for a lightweight set of Bluetooth earbuds that can last all day?

This is where you look up Defunc’s True Plus Bluetooth Earbuds.

Defunc is a technology company from Sweden standing for DesignFunction and they make specific products for specific people. They put a priority on the major factors of the design of their products, which I find makes their products simple and easy to enjoy.

At a surprising price point of $79 USD, you get a lot of options for such a low investment. Just to give you a perspective, you can buy (and lose) 3 pairs of Defunc True Plus earbuds and still wouldn’t be equivalent to one pair of the Apple AirPods Pro.

You could buy a pair for yourself and your significant other and still have some money left over for a yoga mat or some smoothies for the week.

But, are the Defunc True Plus Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds any good?

Let me tell you my criteria for ideal Bluetooth earbuds to give you some context.

1/ It has to have good battery life
2/ They have to be comfortable and well designed on the ears
3/ They have to have good connectivity
4/ They must have good quality
5/ Must have good value for the price
6/ Must have great sound quality

Let’s consider the following, shall we?

Battery Life

First up, it’s battery life.

Am I going to have to baby these earbuds and keep them in the power cradle batter pack the whole time?

The answer, no.

Although the form factor of these Defunc True Plus earbuds is quite small, the output power of this device is quite impressive with 35 hours of battery life with the charger and 6 for just the earbuds themselves. That’s actually more than the Apple AirPods Pro. After testing these on long runs, zoom all-day meetings and workouts on the same day. They hold up and I’m impressed.

The Design

The Defunc True Plus earbuds come in a variety of colours that are unique compared to your normal run of colours from other company’s flagship models. I opted to try the black colour but they also come in matte pink, blue, red, white, blue, and green as well.

They are a little bit longer than your typical Apple AirPods but by no means are new sideburns for your face. They also include touch control, USB-C charging, and have volume control all built into the small design.

They come with a few inner ear rubber tip options that help with different sized ear cavities. I found that the standard rubber tip works perfectly for me, comfortable without pushing on my inner ear. The rubber tip also helps with stability, I find it hugs my ear well.

One thing I wanted to mention that really stood out is how light they are to wear. They are comfortable for long wear and do not feel like they are dragging you down in any way.

The Bluetooth Connectivity

I would like to say that because these earbuds are third parties, so the native Samsung Buds and Apple AirPods are going to have more connective ease than the True Plus on their respective devices. That being said, Bluetooth connectivity is not an issue with the True Plus earbuds. They boast Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and a wireless range of 10m. Simply turn on the connection you would want to make and off to the others to connect. Straight forward and I find that with my phone deep in my pocket or my bag, the connection stays strong.

Build Quality

Another possible way the True Plus might have some comments is the build quality. The earbuds do not use heavy plastic much like the other flagship Bluetooth earbuds. Some may think that is a reduction in quality but it definitely helps with the overall lightness of the product. I haven’t personally found a downfall with the building quality after countless uses. If you are a runner or cyclist and you get caught in a storm, you can keep going knowing that the True Plus earphones are 1PX4 water and sweatproof. The factors of a lightweight design and being water and sweatproof makes it great for exercise.

The Value For Money

This category will be wrapped up pretty quickly. Compared to the other flagship Bluetooth earphones on the market, the Defunc True Plus Wireless Earbuds are a no-brainer. For $79 USD, you have something you don’t have to be careful with like the charging case is a jewel box. You can enjoy these, bring them almost anywhere without making a big deal of it. They are enjoyable, convenient, and easy to carry in a pocket, jacket, bag, or pants.

The Sound Quality

The best for last, how good is the sound?

For the Defunc True Plus Bluetooth Earbuds, the sound is very good. I was impressed by the bass coming from more of the bottom of my ear lobe. I had no problem hearing the different instruments in complex sounds and depth from classical to hip hop music. The one option that you might have in mind is noise cancellation. They are not noise-canceling, however, if you have a good pumping song on, I find that the sound and insulation from the rubber tips hold the sound well. I would call them more sound isolating rather than noise canceling. The dual microphones also make it great for long conference calls, FaceTime calls, and video conferencing as well. Nice and clear.

The Bottom Line

Did it pass the 6-point test?


I was impressed with how agile the Defunc True Plus Bluetooth Earbuds were in my day-to-day schedule. The earphones were very light, but the sound was a lot more deep and rich than I originally expected. I find the microphone quality to be great in Zoom calls and countless Google Hangouts.

For $79 USD, I find that this is a great price for the value you are getting. They are a little a bit more fragile than their flagship counterparts, but they have held up nicely over the weeks of testing in different office and active situations. It’s just the mental calmness that I get knowing that if I lose one or both, the cost to rebuy a pair is very low. Meaning I won’t have to really baby these too much, I can just go along with my day and not think too much.

Thank you, Defunc, for sending me a pair of these great earbuds.

If you are looking for a lightweight, battery-packed Bluetooth earphone, be sure to check out the Defunc True Plus Bluetooth Earbuds.

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