The 2020 Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring Is One Commanding SUV

Are you looking for an SUV that has a big presence on the road but it is comfortable, easy to drive, and easy to enjoy?

The 2020 Lincoln Aviator is the second-largest SUV in the lineup and can fit just about anything. This seven-seater SUV can fit your children, golf clubs, ski equipment, probably another car (although not tested). You can practically social distance yourself if you are sitting in the driver’s seat compared to if someone is sitting in the third row.

When you get into this beast of a car, it’s designed well so you don’t have to grab a handle on the door to get in, but high enough that you feel like the road is your command center. You feel like the head of a fleet more than you do of driving the car itself. It’s a great feeling of both being in control and close enough to the road that you feel confident with the power and performance below you.


The look of this car is just as commanding. It’s got a beautiful front grill that stares at you if you are in the car ahead, looking at its metal beauty in the rearview mirror. There are metal touches and plating throughout the car give it a touch of class and pay a bit of homage to the original Lincolns of their day, with metal accents throughout it.

With its hat tip to the ‘Aviator’ name badge, the design inspired by planes and aviation design can be seen throughout the car.

The most prominent design that I see is from the wheels, looking like an airplane’s turbine engine, nice touch.


How does it feel about flying first-class from your own driveway? Well, sit in an Aviator.

The seats, like in all of the cars in the Lincoln line-up feel very comfortable. Now, this is where you might lose some people. Some people love that cushy, yet structured feel for when they are driving, some prefer the more rigid seating of other German-manufactured counterparts. After trying both, I absolutely enjoy the former. The seats that they are using for the 2020 Lincoln Aviator are very comfortable. Whether you are sitting in the car for long periods of time or a quick jaunt, you are not struggling to find comfort, it finds you first.

The infotainment is well constructed and you can easily go from screen to screen for finding music through SiriusXM, referencing the great GPS system they have or just turning on the much-needed and recommended massage seats that I put on any time my trip hits more than 30 minutes in duration.

Driving this commanding vehicle is surprisingly easy, especially if you are not used to getting into a big vehicle. It has cameras everywhere, parking is a breeze, awkward parking garages are not a problem, and with all the steering and driving assists it has with Lincoln’s Co-Pilot360™ Plus, you really do not need to overthink its size. It’s a bigger car that feels very manageable.


When it comes to performance, this is where I was very surprised. The pep and pick-up this car has do not reflect the size of it at all, in a good way. I would expect the acceleration and power of this car is a much, much smaller SUV, but with the 2020 Aviator, it just feels powerful. When you are driving down the highway and you need to make a quick overtake, heading onto the highway from a short onramp, or just accelerating off the line, this car is no slouch, it will go.

That kind of performance is based solely on the sporty powertrain options. It’s like the Hulk, smart and reserved when you are enjoying a smooth journey and then the power appears when you need it. It has a Twin-Turbocharged 3.0 L V6 engine that creates 400 HP with 415 lb.ft. of torque that is well managed. The Grand Touring Model offers a battery-powered electric motor that pairs with the engine that produces 450 HP and 600 lb.ft. of torque, it’s a power that you feel throughout the car when accelerating.

Additional Feature Worth Noting

Lincoln for the last few years has developed and highlighted in their cars the idea of creating a sanctuary. Most people spend a good amount of time in their cars, sometimes hours on end. As traffic becomes more and more prevalent in the coming weeks and months, rush hour coming back, it all can be increasingly stressful. The Lincoln team wanted to extend the idea of sanctuary further by collaborating with Calm, the powerful and popular mindfulness, and meditation app. I have personally used Calm in my own daily practice and I can tell you that it definitely helps with sleep, with awareness about things in your day, stress, and time management and helps improve how you are feeling overall. If you are a new Lincoln client, the promotion for a free year of Calm will be available to you. Take advantage and enjoy it before or after a busy day.

The Bottom Line

So, who is the 2020 Lincoln Aviator is for? If you are looking for a commanding car for yourself and you are looking carry a lot with you, let say a business owner, it’s terrific. If you have an expanding family, part mainly to boredom and extra time because of the pandemic, having some more size will be an added bonus. You can even fit that new puppy that you bought too. The car is very powerful when it needs to be. It accelerates very quickly when you need to bring the car up to speed. It’s comfortable, fun, powerful, and makes the traffic as painless as possible.

Simply put, the 2020 Lincoln Aviator is a big, yet manageable car for those who want to be commanding on the road. If you want to feel more commanding on the road, be sure to test drive one today at your local Lincoln dealer or visit their website for more information.

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