An Automotive Experience Through Italy’s Motor Valley

Picture this.

You see the sports cars, you idolize them, and once and a blue moon, you see them perform, rev, or just pass you casually through a city street. You stop for a moment to see what that bright colour was that just flashed by you and you realize that you want to learn more and experience that car for all that it is. A street legal, powerful roaring engine.

But what if you wanted to dive deeper in your education of the sports cars? What if you needed to see the origin, the birthplace of such spectacular automotive machines? How about we go on a little trip, shall we?

One company, Oltrevia, wants to give you the full tour. A full, private tour. Usually off limits to the public, Oltrevia wants to give you a chance of a lifetime, exploring Italy’s Motor Valley.

Roaring Engines Tour

In the region of Emilia Romagna lies the exquisite Motor Valley, the birthplace and epicentre of some of the greatest cars ever designed and built. Motor Valley spans across four beautiful citys. Modena, Bologna, Maranello, and Misano.

From there you will enjoy an entire week of automotive curated activities and exclusive visits. Tour the elaborate factories where the heritage runs deep and the cars are produced to their five star standards. After the tour you can gain access to the exclusive motoring collections, get questions answered that have been percolating in your head all this time, and enjoy vintage and brand new sports cars, ripe for the picking.

Roaring Engines Tour

If that wasn’t enough for a petrol head like yourself, with looking not giving you the thrill you desire, how about taking some of these cars out for a spin?

Piazza maggiore (2)

You are now the driver. You do your rituals, you say your thank yous and prepare your mental game for something extraordinary. You get in the car, belt up, and turn the engine over as you are facing out the window to the starting line of the MotoGP World Championship track.

Start. Your. Engines…And you don’t stop there.

The tour continues with your Apennine Mountain Pass. Your foot hits the floor in a beautiful vintage car through the breathtaking mountains.

With all that adrenaline pumping and possible body trembling from excitement it’s time to raise another one of your senses, your taste for food. In addition to the wonderful driving experience you get from the Roaring Engines Tour, you can experience something different, food and wine country. Emilia Romagna also goes by the name Food Valley, with wonderful, rich Italian cuisine and culinary specialties. Once you have all of our five senses satisfied completely, and the Michelin-starred restaurant provide you with a nice end to a day, you can head back to your 5-star luxury hotel and call it a night.

Roaring Engines Tour

The Bottom Line

What’s great about this trip is the immense detail that is cared towards by Oltrevia, to create an experience that can be talked about every time you are next to another petrol head, while looking at a Italian Horse or Bull at the front of a car. The experience of a five star accommodations, wine and delicious cuisine paired with a few laps around the track make it all in a wonderful days work.  The Roaring Engines Tour gives you a chance to feel like a racing driver or be apart of a Top Gear episode, learning about the cars that you grew up and idolized, and keeping the story about their heritage alive.

With such an amazing and exclusive vacation, it brings more meaning back into journey based completely on the experiences and amazing stories you will learn, share and tell countless times anytime you are reminded by any of the vehicles that you see, learn about and drive. This would definitely make for a fun team-building exercise, who wouldn’t want to bond over some of the best cars in the world?

For more information for this tour, visit Oltrevia.com.

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