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Porsche Celebrates 70 Years of Sports Car Dedication

It’s really tough to think about sports cars without thinking of Porsche. They have been a staple for desirable sports cars for decades. Whether found featured in movies, magazines, racing series or driving through your neighbourhood, Porsche’s timeless, yet modern look has continued to morph and transform over years of driving, racing, engineering and design. Whichever era you know the most in Porsche sport cars, there is a Porsche for everyone to enjoy. I have driven a Porsche 911 around the racetrack at Area 27 in Oosyoos, British Columbia, and was just so impressed how a street car can turn[Read More]

Driving British Columbia’s Sea-to-Sky Highway in a Porsche 911 Carrera 4S To Whistler

What if you had a week to experience everything on-and-off the road in a Porsche? I mean everything. City streets, mountainous winding roads, snow, hail, rain, off-roading and driving full-tilt on the track. You probably thought it wasn’t possible to really find all extents of the car in such a short time. Well, for the Porsche Performance Tour in British Columbia, all driving conditions found us and we conquered them all. We started off with a meeting at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport where we paired up and found a driving buddy. BC Living Magazine writer and Yacht enthusiast, Lisa and I[Read More]