Burning Desire

The 2014 Jaguar F-Type Convertible Stars In New ‘Desire’ Movie

Can cars be movie stars?

Now this is interesting. Jaguar has come up with something that brings more hunger and substance to the automotive advertising world, by starring their new 2014 Jaguar F-Type in a new 15-minute short film entitled, ‘Desire’.

We think this is brilliant. Iconic cars in the past have always been staples in the movie industry and pinpoint the time period they were apart of. From the Bond Cars, to the Mustang Fastback GT and the Dodge Charger car chase in Bullitt, to the Back to the Future’s DeLorean, and even tuning cars from movies like Fast and the Furious, people have always envisioned a connection between the driver and the car.

For years cars have always been the often bashed, yet trusted sidekick to the main character, but what happens when the car is now in the driver’s seat of the movie?

Well Jaguar’s new short film, this is a great start to answering that question.

The 15-minute short film is a collaboration between the great folks at Jaguar and the Ridley’s Scott’s RSA Film company in association with the Brooklyn Brothers as well. The title of the movie, ‘Desire’, definitely drives home the way Jaguar wants consumers to see the car. Much like Bond or a Bond Girl, Jaguar directs your attention to the attractive model, in this case, a powerful, smooth red coloured sports car. Making the film even better, Jaguar pulls Damian Lewis away from the popular show Homeland, while also starring a desert, and the beautiful Shannyn Sossaman, alongside the beautiful Jaguar F-Type.

What is even more interesting is the fact that Lana Del Rey sings the original song, “Burning Desire“, on the short film as well.

With a ‘Savages‘ feel to it, this short film is sure to turn heads, create buzz, and put other ad and marketing agencies working with automotive boards back to the drawing board.

Here is the ‘Desire’ trailer:

Photo: F-Type Jaguar

UPDATEHere is the full ‘Desire’ Movie…Enjoy!

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