Sitamaa Brings An Escape To Downtown Life

When was the last time you relaxed? Like really relaxed?

When living in a busy downtown city like Toronto, you are always on your cell phone, have calls to make, have people to get back to, and everything always have an aspect of urgency for everything.


But what if you don’t have time to go on a week long vacation to a different country and you want to escape. What happens when you want to have a vacation in the big city?

Going to the spa should be in relaxing experience. It should be a place where you don’t have cell phones buzzing, standard iPhone ringtones amplified as you take them out of your pocket or purse, it should be a place to just focus on one thing, and one thing only, being relaxed.


Right in the heart of Bay and Bloor, Sitamaa aims to be that in-city vacation spot.

Whether it’s just 15 minutes or a much longer session, the staff really tries to make you comfortable and so you can start focusing on your relaxation.

The environment is bright, yet relaxed, having beautiful music from different countries fill the space, while soft aromas sets the tone as you take a relaxing breath.

How your spa treatment starts:

The goal of the staff is to really get to know you and make sure you have time catered to what you need. The spa itself focuses on achieving your goals, like a personal trainer for your skin. They sit down with you, talk to you about your goals for your skin, relaxation level and plan things out with you to make sure you achieve that level of healthy skin or relaxed feeling you want.


The feeling that you get is that you are the only person in the room. Even though you may sit beside someone else or pass by a fellow colleague of relaxation, you say hi. You pass by with a smile, because you are both feeling very relaxed and generally happy to be at a certain level of peace.

It’s a lot like a cottage, you go there, you relax, have some me time and head out with a nice sigh of relief.

Here are some of the services they supply:
>  Tinting
>  Facials
>  Waxing / Threading
>  Mani / Pedi / Shellac
>  RMT Massages
>  IPL Hair Reduction
>  Photo Facial
>  Pigmentation & Vein Removal

If you have a stressful week, some long travel days, going for your next photo shoot, need to feel good for that next black-tie event, or even recovering the next morning from that same black-tie event and need to get back to 110%, this is definitely a great place to go.

About Sitamaa

Vee Mistry, who runs Sitamaa, has been a beauty expert and hands-on aesthetician for the last 15 years. You can see her on such shows like Steven & Chris and occasionally in Anokhi magazine. She was a delight to sit down with and talk her business, she loves bringing the feeling of a ‘Global Experience Spa’ to the customers of Toronto and she has had everyone from celebrities to people from different countries come into the spa to see her.


The Bottom Line

If you are a person constantly on your computer or smart phone, take a break, take a staycation, while not removing you completely from your city life. If you are relaxed, feeling beautiful, fresh, and your body is nice and calm, unraveled, and feeling spirited, then you can think clearly, keep that work/life balance in order or even get back to a fresh mentality that will treat you well for those days to come.

Here is where you Sitamaa is located:

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55 Bloor St W.

Toronto, Ontario

M4W 1A5 Canada

Tel: 416-920-SITA (7482)


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