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Time To Exchange Your Wine Bottle For A Niagara Beer Bottle

When you typically think of Niagara on the Lake, you typically think of wine country.

There are plenty of alcoholic grape juice harvesters out there, but there has been big steps in the beer business in the Niagara region too.

Enter The Exchange Brewery

A new business on the block is The Exchange Brewery, who just celebrated their first year in business just a few weeks ago. Located in town, you can compliment an afternoon a nice stroll with a Brewery visit. As opposed to some other breweries that are a bit more secluded.

Right off the bat we intended on telling you about how locally sourced everything (food, ingredients, water, even the people!), but we wanted to focus on something that really caught our eyes.

So, I will bypass that and go right into why we wanted to pay a visit to this brewery…the bottle.

This dark-glasses vessel is 750ML and is different than any other bottle we have seen on the LCBO shelves, definitely a potential first for all of Canada.

It’s beautiful in design and it makes you think about how you drink beer. Before, you could be mid-conversation, pull the tab of a tall can and keep the conversation going. The tall can has a very familiar, manageable shape, it’s normal, nothing is new. The Exchange Brewery bottles are different. Not a twist off, not a conventional volume and not a conventional shape. Therefore you can’t drink it in a conventional way.

It changes the occasions you bring it with you, changes your thinking about potentially sharing it with others. It’s a unique design they brings the mystery and surprise back into beer drinking.

The beer itself has no gimmicks.

It’s straight forward with an emphasis on process and ingredients. With all new equipment and a focus on what’s inside, Exchange is always looking to better their processes with limited batches, different barrels, constantly testing out new flavours and a focus on improving how and why they do things instead of the result and then calling it a night after the batch is ‘good enough’.

Look for their bottles in the LCBO, look for their taps across bars around the Niagara with big expansion plans over Ontario.

Go in for yourself, try a rotary phone inspired flight and be educated on their process. Cheers to well-thought out beer!

Where The Exchange Brewery Is Located

7 Queen St, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0

Visit their website: The Exchange Brewery

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