Twenty7 Club Is Now The GTA’s Most Powerful Membership To Have

Horsepower that is.

This summer we attended the grand opening of the Twenty7 Club in Mississauga.


The Twenty7 Club means two things.

1. It’s the first supercar club in the GTA and two it has a serious community of car enthusiasts. Typically in Toronto you would have exclusive members-only clubs, much like The Spoke Club and Soho House. Although they are both great places to go for meetings or social gatherings, it just doesn’t have the allure that the Twenty7 Club has.

2. The Twenty7 Club is a place where if you are or are not a car enthusiast, you will probably turn into one with the terrific scenery of high-end automobile perfection. It’s a great place where drivers can meet other drivers and passengers or guests can enjoy the club through a business meeting or naturally informal setting.


I know if I was to get an invite to a club like this for a meeting instead of a coffee shop or a stuffy boardroom, I would take this every time.


It’s going to ignite stories, road trips and  journeys, and conversations about car classics and even experiences and meet-ups that will bring the out the automotive passion of people.

The facility is modern and boasts a wide-open space that really has that VIP lounge feel. Its vast square footage (over 26,000 square feet) includes: A signature lounge, driving simulators, two private boardrooms, event space, and a full fleet of exotic vehicles.


Have your meeting next to a new Ferrari or Porsche makes small talk a lot easier.


Here is where the Twenty7 Club is located:

6380 Northwest Drive
Mississauga, ON
L4V 1J7

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