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Welcome to LXRY Magazine

LXRY Magazine (Luxury) is a Canadian online digital magazine focusing on comfort and extravagant living.

This Magazine promotes luxury goods and services that are targeted towards readers that want to strive for more in their life. Even though this magazine displays material goods, it’s the idea of continually improving your life and striving for a higher status of living to reach more of your potential.

LXRY plans to show products and services that are luxurious and also feature people and businesses in Canada that are who are striving for or have obtained a status of extravagant living.

LXRY Magazine will use aspects of social media, cross marketing and traditional word-of-mouth marketing to promote it’s existence. This magazine has the potential of growing to a significant audience because it’s the only luxury driven magazine in Canada and relates to people that want to strive for more in their life.

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