Chrono Aviation Launches Falcon 50EX: The First Trijet Out Of Montreal

Looking for a new ride when you are flying out of Montreal?

Chrono Aviation, a Montreal-based company specializing in air charter services, has added a new trijet (three-engined jet) to it’s roster. The Falcon 50EX was designed by French company Dassault Aviation to bring the larger jet experience to a more comfortable sized plane.

You and eight other friends can enjoy a trip to Paris, Rome or the Caribbean from the high-powered jet, available now from the starting destination of Montreal, QC. The three-engined jet design makes it one of the safest planes in it’s category.

The interior includes the always desirable captain’s chairs, a bench seat that converts into a bed and a cabin height that makes it easier for taller passengers (like me) to not knock their block off when standing up too quickly.

Perfect for those longer non-stop transcontinental or transatlantic flights as well. It’s how we would prefer to travel to those big 747’s.

Learn more about the Falcon 50EX through their website.

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