Converge 3

Converge 3.0 At The Windsor Arms Hotel

Converge 3.0 was the third Converge event hosted and presented by Madflower Creative Group and Omega Group, which showcased a great mix of two events, the exclusive Showcase Panel followed up by a wonderful networking gala

Last Thursday, we attended Converge 3.0, a wonderful event that brought film enthusiasts, TIFF fanatics, and one of the biggest names in the film industry, The Weinstein Company.

First Impressions

One of the things that really brought attention to the small side streets off of Bloor street, one of the best shopping destinations in the world, was the two cars…correction…two tanks parked out front.

What an impression! Seeing two Knight XV facing each other parked outside the landmark Windsor Arms Hotel almost acted like a red rope, bringing more exclusiveness and intrigue from the general public.

Upon having the doors of the Windsor Arms being opened for guests, the foyer was filled with people anxiously awaiting for the event to start as Massoud Abbasi, the mind & man behind Omega Group, was doing some last minute mingling before motivating people to take their seats as far up as they could to get a seat in front of some of the biggest names in the film industry.

As the room filled up, people took their seats as the talent took their seats on the elevated stage as well.

It was quite the film industry buffs’ dream.

Tommy Oliver, who is the producer, writer, and editor for the film at TIFF “1982”, had great points throughout the night of his career and his projects that he is passionate about.

Nicholas Tabarrok, the Executive Producer of Darius Films, which is based out of Toronto and Los Angeles, provided insights and answered tough questions about Toronto’s film industry, TIFF, and his work.

The other two panelists were big presences in the film industry, Stephen Bruno and Nicole Quenqua, who is from The Weinstein Company. With such big-name movies, they are one of the biggest names in the entire entertainment business. Who answered questions about the trends of movies, how movies are marketed and showed their real love for Toronto and TIFF.

The whole event was moderated by Sean Stanleigh, Editor of The Report on Business for The Globe and Mail, who asked some great questions to the panelist and did a great job of keeping everything moving forward and flowing.

After the event, we went to the gifting lounge where people toured around boutique brands and received samples of what they had to offer. We saw our friends from Belford (who make wonderful jewelry) and even the gents enjoyed a nice shoe shine before going back down to the great hall.

The event space was cleared out and the mingling commenced. The night of insight continued with talented singers and Djs that entertained the crowd.

The Dj that kicked everything off was James Drummond followed by a performance from Jhyve and a performance from friends of LXRY, Craig Smart and Kris Monico. DJ R Aaron Ellingson finished off the night and everyone went home with new contacts, better friends, and more knowledge into the lives of some of the top companies in the world for entertainment and the people behind them.

The Bottom Line

The event was something that included insights into the big leagues of movies and entertainment, wonderfully dressed people and an atmosphere that was meant for mingling. It was a great event and Converge 4.0 is coming out soon, so be sure to look out for that!

Thank you to the wonderful people of the Omega Group and Madflower Creative for such a great event. And we appreciate and value your love for Toronto and how you aim to make this city greater than it is!

Here is where The Windsor Arms Hotel is located:

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18 St. Thomas Street,

Toronto, ON

M5S 3E7


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