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Q&A With Nargues & Maryam Mansouri of Mansouri Living

The Perry Condominiums, a Toronto-based real estate project that brought a luxury as standard feeling for the residents who are lucky to live there. Small touches and emphasizes on experiences in addition to high-level security, privacy, concierge services and amenities all included within a beautiful development.

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We had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Nargues and Maryam Mansouri of Mansouri Living, who are new to the game, but not in anyway new to the real estate industry.

With decades of knowledge of real estate development, architecture and marketing, they makes a killer combination with their great taste of luxury.

Sitting down with these two new veterans, we really got a sense of their passion and vision when they talked about the project. Defined by their roots, history, and their future goals, Nargues and Maryam Mansouri are going to be key players in the luxury real estate market for Toronto’s ever-changing skyline.

Enjoy the interview below!

Here is where The Perry is located:

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